COMPETENTIONS New technology require new skills. Because the project objective was so clear, and the drones could quickly be put into practice, Terra Inspectioneering developed competence packages together with BEMAS (see also page 42). It is now clear what knowledge and skills a drone operator must have on three levels. Terra Inspectioneering was able to set up its own international training programme, as a result of which the technology is available worldwide. Steven Verver: "We have come a long way thanks to this project, it has put our company on the map worldwide. Four years ago, this inspection method did not exist. Now there is a unique, patented system that offers certified measurements according to approved inspection procedures. There is now a great deal of interest from the industry. It is safe, efficient and it is a response to the upcoming non-man entry policy." ALWAYS A RESULT "We are now using the technology with the reel that we developed within this project for other applications" adds Arnout de Jong. "We came up with this after other methods were unsuccessful. But that also gives you more knowledge about those techniques. In this way you can use European subsidy money to tackle things that you wouldn't otherwise get a chance to do. After all, there is always a result, you always learn something". 13

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