I N S P E C T I O N B A L L INSPECTION OF PRESSURE VESSELS/PIPELINES Adequate inspections for corrosion - during operation, without downtime. That is a great wish of the processing industry. However, there is a lot involved. Measuring equipment in installations is exposed to high temperatures, pressures and aggressive substancesd. A method for fully automatic inspection in a fluid, in extreme heat or under high pressure was not yet available. SMART TOOLING O B J E C T I V E INSPECTION BALL WORKS UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS FLEXIBLY DEPLOYABLE ROBUST, HOUSING SUITING DIFFERENT CONDITIONS SEMI AUTONOMOUS COMMUNICATION IN LIQUIDS TIME-SAVING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE + IMAGES 19 ID-Tec has been providing innovative solutions for the inspection, cleaning and renovation of pipes, tanks and other areas that are difficult for people to access since 2006. "In that context, we already worked together with Dow", says Ferry van der Valk (CEO of ID-tec). "We also had previous contact with KicMPi, which is why we were approached. Although our focus is on cleaning robots, within Smart Tooling we decided to focus on the tough challenge of inspection during operation. This was a new project for us. We have used the time available to take the first steps in an important, interesting development". EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES In robotics projects, all kinds of disciplines always come together to form a whole. In this case, the challenge was in the extreme conditions under which all these disciplines have to function. Taking stock of the preconditions was therefore the first step. "In this context, we talked to Dow and BASF so we knew more about the temperature and pressure requirements. We also got

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