still have the same basic knowledge. However, it is true that people learn much more quickly in this way. In terms of training we really benefit from it. In this way you can support less experienced people in a very practical and pleasant way and give them more knowledge. Technicians are still hard to find and this makes knowledge transfer a lot easier". SPECIALIST TEAM "And what we at ENGIE also think is an important aspect: people who, for whatever reason, are no longer at work, remain perfectly employable. Someone with a disability can assist remotely, or a retired person who would like to continue doing something can join a team of specialists. That's great for people and for the company. COMPLETION Johan De Geyter (CEO at Iristick): "We started as a company in 2016. These glasses, including Proceedix software, have been in production since mid-2018. It is a completely in-house development and the only smart glasses made in Europe. We already offer this for medical and logistical applications. Through Smart Tooling we worked with a party in the industrial sector for the first time. We received a lot of information from the field and that helped us a lot. You could say that our knowledge of the market accelerated, that we were able to develop faster. That we had made further progress was particularly apparent when Covid-19 got a grip on the world and we were ready to play a role in finding solutions. Particularly now that everything has to continue, 'remote assistance' can be essential. Smart Glasses can bridge distances so that people don't have to move. It now turns out that this technology is hugely relevant. "Smart tooling was very decisive and concrete for us. It was much more than just being facilitated, there were good, productive contacts. Through this project we came into contact with the Dutch industrial sector, which is very important to us", concludes Johan De Geyter. 33

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