Within Smart Tooling we were given the opportunity to get to know this new technology in practice", says Mark de Kok. Peter Paulissen: "Deployment of Cobots is a process within a company, people have to get used to it. Due to the often specific nature of the work, the use of robotic solutions in workshops is rather limited. But we are convinced that the current technological developments provide sufficient opportunities to develop applications that allow the work to be carried out more accurately and safely". WHAT IS A COBOT? Cobot is a shortened version of the word cobotics, which in turn is a contraction of collaborative robotics. A Cobot is a clever tool that makes the technician's work easier. It ingeniously combines the perceptual and cognitive abilities of humans with the repeatability, precision and (physical) abilities of the robot. This combination creates much more flexible processes, not only because of the reprogrammable nature of robots, but also because cancels out the now obsolete segregation of man and robot, i.e. the separation of man and robot for safety reasons. ADVANTAGES COBOT SUITABLE FOR SMALL WORKPLACES FAST PAYBACK TIME WITH GOOD DEPLOYMENT EASY (RE)PROGRAMMABLE LOW IN WEIGHT, EASY TO MOVE QUICKLY ADAPTABLE WITH OTHER GRIPPER PHYSICAL RELIEVE TECHNICIAN REPETIVE ACTIONS OF 10-20 KG AVOIDS HUMAN ERROR SMART ASSISTANT 37

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