to see with their own eyes whether the valves they might want to use in dozens of factories have passed the test". ACCREDITATION Colin: "Together with BEMAS, we have now mapped out all the competencies needed to carry out a leak test with the Cobot. What can you expect from a person working with the Cobot? To this end, we have defined three levels. "We liked the principle of establishing competences very much. That is why we have described and structured all our work according to this system. In this way, you immediately generate a documented training plan. This is good for your company, but also crucial for our accreditation according to ISO 17025. And for an independent testing institute or conformity assessment body, this accreditation is very 41 important for success. We have come a long way. In the near future, ITIS will be one of the few companies where equipment can be tested within set quality standards. For some tests it will even be the first and, for the time being, only company in the world". KICKSTART "Smart tooling has really boosted our company," says Colin. "We think we can provide even better support to asset owners with the help of the Cobot. Especially now that we have a safe, accredited and advanced technology, which is already in full use and with which we can test more and more things. We have worked hard on the Cobot, but the kickstart came from Smart Tooling. The project team has done a really good job. It is often difficult for smaller companies to come into contact with this kind of new technology. Now we are leaders in our branch.

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