"There will not suddenly be a robot operator training course. Perhaps it will become a basic competence for all technicians: briefly deploying the robot for a pipeline inspection". If an algorithm predicts that a flange has to be replaced at some point, a human will still have to do that work correctly". DANGER "Thanks to robotics, new, interesting jobs are being created. New opportunities ... but at the same time there is also a danger. Because of all the innovations and predictive possibilities, less invasive maintenance is required. And that in turn means that young people see the insides of machines and installations less often. In the future, process installations will be replaced by robots that are 45 perhaps no longer open to inspection at all. We have to take this into account when we want to send technicians into the field". SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES! "Anyway, we live in exciting times. Thanks to the current wave of innovation and Industry 4.0, the boardrooms are once again talking about maintenance. To everyone who works in maintenance, I say: seize this opportunity and do something about it. Embrace the possibilities and the changes that taking place now" concludes Wim Vancauwenberghe.

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