INTERREG BRAM DE KORT Bram de Kort is director of Interreg Flanders-Netherlands. This European fund for regional development subsidises cross-border projects for smart, green and inclusive growth. Over the last seven years, the emphasis has been on innovation, sustainable energy, the environment and resources, and labour mobility. Smart tooling fitted in perfectly within this picture. "There is one Europe, but borders still exist. They cause difficult problems, but also interesting opportunities and insights" says Bram de Kort. "Interreg is an initiative that wants to stimulate cross-border cooperation firmly and concretely. The idea behind it is: if the borders are completely open, with few obstacles, then economic and social gains can be made on both sides". spearheads: innovation, sustainable energy, environment and resources, labour mobility. Projects that want to be eligible for subsidy must therefore be cross-border and offer added value within those four themes, specifically also to small businesses. The Smart Tooling project of KicMPi and partners was a perfect match. INNOVATION Every seven years, an Interreg partnership in a European border area may propose a programme. Bram: "For FlandersNetherlands in 2013 the emphasis will be on four 55 "After all, the idea that KicMPi came to us with is about bringing together innovative knowledge from both sides of the border. Learning from each other, offering each other opportunities for new customers or for new long-term partnerships, that is important to us. And also a broader horizon

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