SMART TOOLING PROJECT ORGANISATION These project partners form the steering committee of the Smart Tooling project. PROJECT MANAGER KicMPi Project management and communication ASSET OWNERS BASF, Dow Benelux Input use cases and test facilities DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES Impulse Zeeland, REWIN, BOM Selection of development companies and management subprojects BRANCH ORGANISATION BEMAS Project support and realisation of work package competences KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTIONS Sirris, U Gent, U Twente, Avans University College Management subprojects, project participation Organisations involved in project implementation. CLUSTER APPLICATION DRONES FOR INSPECTION Drones confined spaces Terra Inspection Del Dynamics Pozyx Drones outside Avular Airobot SPIE Ghent University Project coordination: REWIN CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT OF INSPECTION ROBOTS Inspection ball ID-Tec Ghent University Serenity VTEC Snakebot ExRobotics University of Twente Project coordination: Impulse Zeeland, KicMPi 4

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