SIRRIS COBOTS & DIGITAL WORKFLOW Sirris is a Belgian non-profit organisation that supports companies in introducing technological innovations. The organisation has offices in eight locations in Belgium. There is also a test laboratory at each location. Peter Paulissen, who works at Sirris within the Smart & Digital Factory, was involved in Smart Tooling from the start. In the end, he managed two projects related to the use of Cobots in the workshop, plus the Smart Glasses project. "Sirris immediately said yes to KicMPi's request to participate. We have a lot of expertise in the field of cobotics and digital work instructions and are convinced that these elements have an added value for maintenance and inspection in the process industry. Nevertheless, the use of Cobots in workshops is still rather limited. There really is still a lot to be gained there. These machines quietly work side by side with people. They are very flexible to use, simple to program and can offer quality and safety in repetitive work. Also a digital workflow instead of paper can bring many benefits to a maintenance or inspection company". "I have found Smart Tooling to be a very positive experience, especially the synergy between companies on both sides of the border. I saw two young Flemish companies, Proceedix and Iristick, working together with a large Dutch company like ENGIE. Everyone learned from this. We from Sirris as well. Through Smart Tooling, we have realised new innovations that we can already introduce to other companies. That's what we do it for. I can certainly see Sirris and KicMPi working together in the future as well". 62

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