SMART TOOLING EVENTS & HIGHLIGHTS Several events were organised within the Smart Tooling project. The project partners also actively participated in trade fairs and other meetings to showcase new developments and share knowledge. Below are a few highlights. Maintenance Antwerp 21/22 March 2018 and 27/28 March 2019 KicMPi and iTanks demonstrated new technologies and services, in collaboration with various startups and innovators. KicMPi works together closely with BEMAS, the Belgian maintenance branch organisation that organises the annual Maintenance Fair in Antwerp. In 2018, visitors to the Robot Demo Zone were able to become acquainted with the innovative robots of Smart Tooling. During Maintenance 2019, the project partners demonstrated several prototypes: wall thickness measurement with drones in confined spaces, inspection of pressure vessels and pipes with snakebot and the inspection ball, the first autonomous cleaning crawler, drone technology for safe flying in open spaces and live streaming technology for hands-free remote assistance. The demonstrations were provided by Serenity, RoNik Inspectioneering (later Terra Inspectioneering), ID-tec, Nobleo Technology, DERC, Avular, ExRobotics and Proceedix. Maintenance Gorinchem On 17, 18 and 19 April 2018, the Smart Tooling project was present during Maintenance 2018 in Gorinchem. Here too, visitors could get acquainted with the innovative robots. Smart Tooling promo event I On 29 June 2017, the Smart Tooling promo event I took place. On that day, the progress of the Smart Tooling robotic applications was presented and demonstrated. There were presentations of them: Age Balt (Dow Benelux), Jeroen Hoebeke (University of Ghent), Johan Engelen (University of Twente) and Willem Endhoven (High Tech NL). Ronik Inspectioneering, Delft Dynamics and Pozyx explained the use of drones in confined spaces. SPIE, Avular and Airobot presented about flying outside with drones. In the field of workplace innovation, ITIS, Sirris, Proceedix and Iristick gave a presentation. VTEC, ID-tec, and Serenity told the visitors about the inspection of barrels. Cleaning by means of a robot was discussed extensively during the presentation by Buchen, Mourik, Group Peeters, VTEC and Serenity. 65

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