it is 90.0 years. These are so called cohort life expectancies; they take into account expected future mortality developments. It is expected that the life expectancy of boys and girls born in 50 years’ time will have increased by a further 4 years. The decrease in life expectancy as shown in table 4.1 is within acceptable statistical boundaries of Projections Life Table AG2016 and is not extreme. The fact that the Dutch are reaching ever-higher ages also shows in table 4.2 Life expectancy in 2019 based on Projections Life Table AG2018 Age 0 Age 65 Difference Table 4.2 Cohort life expectancy for the ages 0 and 65 based on AG2018 Male 90.0 85.3 4.7 Female 92.5 88.1 4.4 The expectation is that a boy, now aged 0, will live 4.7 years longer than a man now aged 65. For women the difference is 4.4 years. Pension funds and insurance companies may use Projections Life Table AG2018 to set and validate their technical provisions and premium rates. The effects will vary across portfolios. In particular, the ages and genders of the members will determine the effects for a portfolio. As a general statement, at 3% interest rate for a predominantly male portfolio, technical provisions will decrease about 0.9% and for a predominantly female portfolio, technical provisions will decrease about 1.2%. At an aggregated level, Projections Life Table AG2018 is lighter than Projections Life Table AG2016 in terms of provisions. If Projections Life Table AG2018 were to be used for the upcoming determination (end of 2018) of the State Pension retirement age in the year 2024, then, according to current legislation, the State Pension retirement age would be unchanged at 67 years and 3 months in 2024, but would rise in subsequent years to 68 years in 2029. Projection Table AG2018 Summary 9

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