1 PREFACE Life expectancy has increased steadily in The Netherlands over the past 50 years. This trend has had a considerable impact on society. It is important for pension funds and life insurers to have a continuous insight into this development, if they are to keep promises made. The Royal Dutch Actuarial Association (Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap or ‘AG’) considers it its role to provide the financial sector with an opinion with regard to these developments with the aid of Projections tables. The latest Projections Life Table AG2018 is based on the same model that the Projections Life Table AG2016 was based upon. It is a fully transparent model with a limited number of parameters, making it easy to explain and exactly reproducible. This complies with AG’s aim to make knowledge available to and applicable by the financial sector. In this publication the AG Mortality Research Committee (Commissie Sterfte Onderzoek or ‘CSO’) describes the development and the outcomes of the Projections Life Table AG2018. As chairman of AG I owe a large debt of gratitude to the members of the CSO and to the members of the Projections Life Tables Working Group for all the good work that they have done. On behalf of the Board of the Royal Dutch Actuarial Association, drs. Ron van Oijen AAG Chairman Projection Table AG2018 Preface 3

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