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2. Biological pest management: Aphid Aphids are a big problem in the agricultural sector . They can cause severe damage to several crops . Problematic aphids occurring in greenhouses are peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae), cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii), potato aphid (Macrosiphum euphorbiae), and glasshouse potato aphid (Aulacorthum solani) . Aphipar Aphipar-M Damage symptoms • Nymphs and adults feed on plant sap . Feeding from certain species halts growth, causing curled leaves . Sometimes yellow spots appear . • Aphids excrete honeydew, which attracts mold . Mold not only soils the crop, but reduces photosynthesis which can stunt growth and reproduction . • Toxic substances can be transmitted into the plant . • Plant-pathogenic substances, particularly viruses, can be transmitted into the plant . Parasitic wasps: female wasps parasitize aphids . The parasitized aphid swells and hardens into a leathery-coloured mummy, from which a new parasitic wasp emerges . Predatory bugs: Adults and nymphs actively search for mites on which to feed . Predatory lacewing: larvae actively search for aphids on which to feed . Method of control Looking for trouble? Aphiscout finds it! 10

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