Plant growth promotion for better plant resilience Our products contain a mix of plant growth promoting components that are beneficial for the crop . Beneficial micro-organisms can restore biological balance in the soil or promote shoot growth and plant health . Biostimulants have an effect on the physiological processes of the plant stimulating root growth, boosting plant metabolism and stress tolerance . Vidi Funda: restores the biological balance in the soil • Composition: plant-based raw materials and seaweeds . 7 .5% N in organic form, soft ground patentkali (potassium sulphate with magnesium; 4% K2 O) and soft ground rock phosphate (2% P2O5) . The product is low in salt and chlorine, and contains no urea . • Effects: restores the biological balance in the soil and makes the crops more tolerant to abiotic stress . • Packaging: bag Vidi Fortum: promotes shoot growth and plant strength • Composition: cold-pressed water extract from seaweeds and humic acids . It also contains large quantities of organic elements such as enzymes and various sugars . • Effects: stimulates shoot growth and the biological activity around the roots, resulting in higher nutrient uptake, visibly healthier crops and better growth performance . Essential nutrition become more easily available to the plant . • Packaging: plastic container 21

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