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Associated products (continued) Diagnostic tools & product applicators Knowledge • Knowing & Recognizing: a hardcover book with detailed descriptions of the biology of glasshouse pests and their natural enemies, diseases and microbiological solutions • Horiver field guide: pocket guide for identification of insects captured on sticky traps Web applications • IPM app: consists of a scout app with an intuitive interface, and an online dashboard . While the scout app allows growers to introduce data directly, the dashboard gives insights into pest issues for analysis of the problem, treatment and management . • Side effect app: with this application growers can easily find how harmful various pesticides are for the organisms . Pest identification • Magnifying lens: 10x loupe Product applicators • Dibox: hanging applicator box • Biotag: suspension system for Aphidend bottles Blowers Releasing beneficials can be a time-consuming process . The use of blowers is an effective method for the simple and efficient dispersal of natural enemies . Blowers such as the Airobug and the Airbug/Mini-Airbug can be used indoors and outdoors to distribute natural enemies over the crop like a ‘protective blanket’ . This greatly enhances the efficacy of the beneficial . With the blower you can save up to 80% in labour hours compared to the traditional method of release . The blower also makes it possible to release multiple natural enemies at once . For distribution of beneficials over the crop: • Airbug: at least 3 metres • Airobug: at least 10 metres • Mini-Airbug: max . 2 metres Ask your advisor about the possibilities for your company . 28

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