Worldwide production and distribution of solutions Solutions are only applicable and useful if they can be effectively reproduced and distributed . Koppert and its partners have been able to perfect this over the past few years . Koppert has a holistic approach to plant growth and plant health, and develops solutions for all the relevant elements . Our core disciplines • Biological pest control • Natural pollination • Resilient cultivation • Seed treatment • Application techniques and monitoring Knowhow and knowledge sharing Although Koppert is primarily known for its products, the company is essentially a knowledge company . With our strong R&D base, we believe that sharing knowledge and training staff is an important step towards achieving sustainable agriculture and horticulture . More than 450 professional consultants ensure that dealers and growers are supported in handling their challenges on a daily basis . Besides operational advice, they devote much time and effort towards communicating their basic knowledge concerning nature and its solutions . Koppert offers a variety of courses and works closely with universities around the world . Koppert is convinced that knowledge is an important element for success . 7

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