CLIXX I MAGNETIC TRACK SYSTEM I MAGNETIC CLIXX — 24V MAGNETIC TRACK LIGHTING SYSTEM The CLIXX 24V magnetic track lighting system consists of compact tracks, in which LED light modules are placed. The light modules are magnetically connected to the tracks, making them easy to install by hand without the need for tools. The low voltage of the system allows the light modules to be positioned and moved while the power is on. When the light modules are magnetically connected to the track, they are automatically supplied with power and function immediately. The installation of the light modules is therefore no more than a simple ‘click’. The CLIXX system offers endless configuration possibilities due to the wide range of profiles, connections, installation types, light modules and control options. This makes CLIXX an all-in-one solution for even the most demanding architects, interior designers, and lighting designers. NdFeB N35 rare-earth pemanent magnet, 3600 (+-10%) Gauss. 8

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