CLIXX I MAGNETIC TRACK SYSTEM I INSTALLATION TYPES RECESSED & SEMI-RECESSED NON PLASTER & PLASTER WALLS & CEILINGS RECESSED TRIMLESS PLASTER WALLS & CEILINGS Recessed kit Control the depth of the installation FLEXIBILITY IN INSTALLATION The CLIXX magnetic track system offers various installation types. One profile with 4 options: surface mounted on all surfaces, recessed and semi recessed using the recessed kit and suspended using the suspension kit. For plaster walls and ceilings there is a special trimless recessed profile. In combination with various corner connections, CLIXX moves effortlessly through any room. A driver is required to convert the main voltage to 24V. If the driver cannot be placed elsewhere, the track driver box offers the ideal solution. The box connects seamlessly to the tracks and houses the driver, keeping it accessible. The track driver box is suitable for all installation types. 12

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