D LIGHTINOVA.COM IN COMPLETE CONTROL Desk ambient CLIXX is available with different dimming types, offering ultimate control over the light. Easily dim the entire track without adding additional control cables with TRIAC trailing edge dimming. 1-10V dimming is suitable for most home automation systems while DALI dimming offers the option to control and group individual light modules. Both 1-10V and DALI require an additional control cable. The Zigbee 3.0 option offers the same options as DALI, where individual light modules can be controlled or assigned to a group without the need for extra cables. Create different light scenes tailored to the specific application or to the time of day. The Zigbee 3.0 type is compatible with Philips Hue. Wiring Individual light module control Non-dimmable TRIAC (phase-cut) 1-10V DALI Zigbee 3.0** L, N L, N L, N, Dim-,Dim+ L, N, Dali-1, Dali-2 L, N * Track driver box for standard 39mm track ** Compatible with Philips Hue No No No Yes Yes 200W 75W, 150W 150W 200W 75W, 150W Driver Track driver box compatible* Yes Yes, No Yes Yes Yes, No 17 I CLIXX

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