55 mm CORTONA floor lamp direct–indirect MODULE PRODUCT CODE 400 COFL3L COFL4L COFL3H COFL4H DIMENSION 406x606 mm 406x606 mm 406x606 mm 406x606 mm 3000 K 4000 K 3000 K 4000 K COLOUR TEMPERATURE LUMEN OUTPUT (NET) POWER 6561 lm 6980 lm 10886 lm 11581 lm The optical system of the luminaire is equipped with SATINE diffuser, also available in MIRCROPRISMATIC diffuser. The luminaires are available in 24 colours from RAL colour chart, other RAL colours are available upon request 55 W 55 W 90 W 90 W 1800 mm 163 CORTONA

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