OUR LIGHTING SOLUTIONS ARCHITECTURAL PROFILE LIGHTING With architectural profile lighting, we mean lighting luminaires in all manner of shapes, dimensions and colours. We use aluminium profiles for these luminaires. The profiles are machined with advanced machinery into a reliable and exceptionally well-finished product. We strive for lighting luminaires without visible seams that radiate light, a strong coating on the luminaires and a long lifespan. DOWNLIGHT LUMINAIRES FOR ANY APPLICATION Whether you need lighting for bread or meat, a station hall or office, a hotel or a home, Lumosec Lighting has the correct downlight fixture. When choosing the right downlight luminaires, the function of the space in question is the most important. Depending on that function, what is important is the design, light output, light colour, colour rendering (Xicato led modules for high CRI and excellent colour possibilities), dimming options, the lifespan or a combination of any of these factors. We are happy to offer you our advice. TECHNICAL LIGHTING WITH A SPECIFIC CHARACTER In most cases lighting is mainly about comfort and efficiency, for example in offices and schools. Lumosec Lighting is the right partner in this as well. Luminaires fitted with micro-prismatic diffusers for a low UGR and a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours are examples of our special line of technical lighting. 4

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