PENDELBAND I SWINGING HINGE AGITUS M Glass-to-glass fastener (90°) Glass-to-glass fastener (180°) Wall-to-glass fastener (90°) Swinging hinge Single- or doublesided fastener Counterplate The AGITUS L swinging door hinge, which has been extremely successful in room partitions and as a shower fitting, has been specially adapted for showers: The AGITUS M swinging hinge is a smaller modified version of the AGITUS L and, thanks to its particularly small closing angle, is ideal for narrow bathrooms. All fasteners for the solid metal shower door fitting are hidden behind flush magnetic caps. The same applies to the adjusting screws for the neutral position, which can also quite easily be adjusted from one side. This means that it is not necessary to constantly change sides while adjusting them. The AGITUS M also represents state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and a sophisticated design which is finished by hand – you can choose from a glossy (600 grit/decorative polish) or a highly polished surface. AGITUS L Das Pendeltürband AGITUS M ist auch in einer größeren Variante erhältlich: AGITUS L Mehr dazu in unserer Broschüre der Türsysteme oder online unter www.mwe.de Door hinge AGITUS M is available in a bigger version as well: AGITUS L. Please read more about it in our door systems brochure or online: www.mwe.de 21

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