Spring Summer 2022

READY FOR 2022? It gives us great pleasure to present our new Spring 2022 Catalog. Looking back on the past year, we can say that 2021 has us facing plenty of challenges once more. Still, we are happy with the successful expansion of our collection and higher service level. During the first 2021 semester, the living & lifestyle branch was heading the (online) sales growth figures, and this growth is expected to continue. We are confident that our branch will see a great 2022. And because we believe in a prosperous new year, we have doubled our stocks so that we can deliver your orders with lightning speed in the future as well – as you have grown accustomed to. Are you also ready for 2022? Our new website went live in June 2021, and we are hugely proud of the result. Apart from the implementation of more efficient filter options and navigation, we also worked hard on providing you with more functionalities in the account page environment of our website. Now you can check your preorders in your order history, which will help you gain more insight into what you ordered in the past and make the backorder process a lot easier. Meanwhile, we are still working on even more website functionalities to make the shopping process even more convenient for our clients. Do you know about our media box? Every client account is also directly linked to our media box, from where you can find the photos and impression images of our collection. This past year, we updated the media box and filled it with unique images of our collection. We also do everything to keep the media box up to date and offer you even more inspiring photos that you can use free of charge! Before you start browsing the catalog, we can’t wait to reveal that many new products have been added to the Mars & More collection. Please follow us on our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn if you’d love to stay up to date with everything we do. In addition to our online shop, you can also find our collection at one of our eight Cash & Carry locations. And, naturally, our sales team is here to answer all your questions. With kind regards, Dick van Raalte & Yvonne van Raalte-Mars CEO & CCO Mars & More

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IN THE LIVING ROOM carpet cow dark brown 150x250cm ESVKTE 6

COW HIDES In the living room carpet cow vintage beige 200x200cm ESVKKVB carpet cow jaguar print 150x250cm ESVKJP carpet cow zebra print 150x250cm ESVKZP carpet cow tiger print 150x250cm ESVKTP carpet cow panther print 150x250cm ESVKPP carpet cow giraffe print 150x250cm ESVKGP carpet cow red/white 150x250cm ESVKRW carpet cow brown spot 150x250cm ESVKKSB carpet calf brown 80x90cm CGKB carpet cow gold 150x250cm ESVKKGGO carpet cow cognac 150x250cm ESVKKGOG carpet cow beige 150x250cm ESVKBE 7

COW HIDES In the living room carpet cow grey 150x250cm ESVKNGR carpet cow silver 150x250cm ESVKKZV carpet cow black spot 150x250cm ESVKKSZ carpet cow 3-colour 150x250cm ESVKK3K carpet cow grey 150x250cm ESVKKGGS carpet cow black/white 150x250cm ESVKZW carpet cow bordeaux 150x250cm ESVKKGBD carpet cow blue 150x250cm ESVKKGBL carpet cow green 150x250cm ESVKKGGR carpet calf 3-colour 105x100cm ESKV3K carpet calf colourful black 80x90cm CGKBZ carpet calf colourful brown 80x90cm CGKBB 8

DEER HIDES In the living room carpet calf black 80x90cm CGKZ fur springbok 90x60cm CGSB fur white tail deer 120x90cm HLVWTH fur fallow deer 110x90cm GBVD fur reindeer 120x90cm POVR faux fur reindeer 130x150cm AYFFRD 9


SHEEP CARPETS In the living room ombre throw sheep white/grey 110x170cm QXOKLTLWG throw iceland sheep melange 120x180cm POKLMM ombre throw sheep white/beige 110x170cm QXOKLTLWB throw 4-skin iceland sheep white 120x200cm POKL4W throw iceland sheep rust 130x200cm POKL4R throw iceland sheep grey 130x200cm POKL4G throw 6-skin iceland sheep white 210x200cm POKL6W throw sheep melange dark 120x180cm POKLMMD throw iceland sheep white 190cm POKL2GW 11

SHEEP & LAMB FURS In the living room sheep new zealand taupe 80x60cm ESSVTP80 sheep new zealand light grey 80x60cm ESSVLG80 sheep new zealand dark grey 80x60cm ESSVDG80 sheep fur white 90x75cm ESSVW90 sheep iceland white 100-110x60cm POVYW sheep iceland shaved white 100-110x60cm POVYGW fur lamb slavic white 60-70cm POVLSW lamb spanish curl black 60x70cm POVLSPZ fur lamb slavic melange 60-70cm POVLSM sheep curly hair butt to butt white 60x160cm QXVTLBBW sheep curly hair butt to butt beige 60x160cm QXVTLBBB 12 sheep curly hair butt to butt grey 60x160cm QXVTLBBG

SHEEP FURS In the living room sheep new sealand sand 60x100cm QXNVSS ombre sheep curly hair white/beige 50x50cm QXOVTLWG ombre sheep curly hair white/beige 50x50cm QXOVTLWB curly sheep white + melange 50x90cm QXVTLW sheep new zealand off white 60x100cm QXNVSW sheep iceland shaved spot 100-110x60cm POVYGB sheep iceland light blond 100-110x75cm POVYLBL curly sheep beige 50x100cm QXVTLB sheep iceland off white 100-110x60cm POVYGNGW sheep iceland shaved rust 100-110x60cm POVYGRB sheep iceland dark blond 100-110x60cm POVYDBL sheep new zealand beige 60x100cm QXNVSB 13

SHEEP & LAMB FURS In the living room sheep iceland shaved pink 100-110x60cm POVYZRS sheep iceland rust 100-110x60cm POVYBR sheep iceland taupe 100-110x60cm POVYGT sheep iceland brown 100-110x60cm POVYHB sheep iceland taupe black 100-110x60cm POVYTZP sheep iceland olive green 100-110x60cm POVYOG sheep iceland bottle green 100-110x60cm POVYFG sheep iceland petrol 100-110x60cm POVYP 14


SHEEP FURS In the living room sheep iceland spotted 100-110x60cm POVYGM sheep iceland grey 100-110x60cm POVYBG sheep iceland silver 100-110x60cm POVYGZP sheep iceland dark grey 100-110x60cm POVYDG curly sheep grey 50x100cm QXVTLG sheep iceland shaved grey 100-110x60cm POVYG sheep iceland silver 100-110x75cm POVYZV sheep iceland steel 100-110x60cm POVYSG sheep new zealand grey 60x100cm QXNVSG sheep wool black 90x65cm QXVWZ sheep iceland shaved black 100-110x60cm POVYGZ sheep iceland black 100-110x60cm POVYZ 16

GOAT FURS In the living room fur goat white 90x60cm QXVGW fur goat cream 90x60cm QXVGC fur goat beige 90x60cm QXVGB fur goat zebra 90x60cm QXVGZB fur goat nature 90x60cm QXVGN fur goat grey 90x60cm QXVGG fur goat leopard brown 90x60cm QXVGLB fur goat cheetah 90x60cm QXVGL 17

RABBIT FURS In the living room fur rabbit natural black 40x30cm QXVKZN fur rabbit white 40x30cm QXVKW fur rabbit old pink 40x30cm QXVKRS fur rabbit beige 40x30cm QXVKBE fur rabbit grey 40x30cm QXVKDG fur rabbit yellow gold 40x30cm QXVKGG fur rabbit brown 40x30cm QXVKDB fur rabbit olive green 40x30cm QXVKOG fur rabbit forest green 40x30cm QXVKBG fur rabbit petrol 40x30cm QXVKPT fur rabbit black 40x30cm QXVKZW 18

RABBIT FURS In the living room fur rabbit lynx 40x30cm QXVKGL fur rabbit grey civet 40x30cm QXVKGV fur rabbit panther 40x30cm QXVKBP 19

seagrass carpet black stripes 60cm MKZVMZS 20

JUTE CARPETS In the living room jute carpet oval 75x45cm JHJDMO jute rug loops natural Ø120cm JHJVKL120 jute carpet naturel or black JHJVK120 / DEJMRDZ120 jute rug knotted KMJMG60 / 70 DEJM60 / 70 / 120 jute carpet fringes natural Ø120cm JHJVKF120 jute rug knotted KMJMG120 / 140 seagrass carpet Ø90cm MKZVKR90 21 jute carpet fringes black Ø120cm DEJMRDZF120



JUTE CUSHIONS In the living room cushion round natural 40x40cm JHJKSR cushion round with handle natural 40x40cm JHJKSRH draught excluder natural 20x85cm JHJTK seat pad natural 40x40cm JHJZK cushion balls 45x45cm JHKSB cushion diamond 45x45cm JHKSR cushion stripes 45x45cm JHKSS cushion herringbone 45x45cm JHKSV jute cushion woven 45x45cm GKJKSG seatpad seagrass round Ø40cm MKZZKR40 seatpad seagrass square 40x40cm MKZZKV40 cushion water hyacinth woven 40x40cm MKKSWG40 24

JUTE CUSHIONS In the living room jute cushion 45x45cm JHJKS jute cushion 35x45cm JHJHK jute cushion 40x60cm JHJGK box cushion jute 40x40x15cm JHJBK 25

WATER REPELLENT CUSHIONS In the living room cushion beige with jute piping 45x45cm SVWAKSB cushion white with jute piping 45x45cm SVWAKSW cushion dark grey with jute piping 45x45cm SVWAKSDG cushion beige with jute piping 55x55cm SVWAKSGB cushion white with jute piping 55x55cm SVWAKSGW cushion dark grey with jute piping 55x55cm SVWAKSGDG cushion beige with jute piping 30x50cm SVWAHKB cushion white with jute piping 30x50cm SVWAHKW cushion dark grey with jute piping 30x50cm SVWAHKDG cushion beige with jute piping 40x60cm SVWAGKB cushion white with jute piping 40x60cm SVWAGKW cushion dark grey with jute piping 40x60cm SVWAGKDG 26

Our water repellent cushions are made of 100% cotton with a beautiful jute trim around them. These cushions can handle a drop of water, but not heavy rain because they are not waterproof. Combine these jute cushions with our other jute cushions from the collection and bring nature into your home! 27

COTTON CUSHIONS In the living room heart cushion you me 35x45cm SVHKSYM heart cushion always&forever 40x60cm SVHKSAF heart cushion goodmorning 45x45cm SVHKSGM heart cushion hearts all over 35x45cm SVHKSHAO heart cushion forever love 40x60cm SVHKSFL heart cushion be happy 45x45cm SVHKSBH 28

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ORGANIC COTTON CUSHIONS In the living room relax you’re home 45x45cm SVOHKRH joie de vivre 45x45cm SVOHKJV mr. right 45x45cm SVOKSMRR ladies lounge 35x45cm SVOHKLL gentlemens lounge 35x45cm SVOHKGM mr. always right 45x45cm SVOKSMRSA life is beatiful 35x45cm SVOHKLB kensington 45x45cm SVOKSKS st. tropez 45x45cm SVOKSST room service 35x45cm SVOHKRS kensington 35x45cm SVOHKKS st. tropez 35x45cm SVOHKST 30

ORGANIC COTTON CUSHIONS In the living room me& &you 45x45cm SVOKSME 45x45cm SVOKSYO lieblingsplatz 35x45cm SVOHKLP hello gorgeous 35x45cm SVOHKHG 31


CUSHIONS In the living room cushion with piping beige petrol 45x45cm DCBKSBP cushion with piping lime pink 45x45cm DCBKSLR cushion with piping ocker rust 45x45cm DCBKSOR cushion with piping beige petrol 35x45cm DCBHKBP cushion with piping lime pink 35x45cm DCBHKLR cushion with piping ocker rust 35x45cm DCBHKOR cushion with piping petrol beige 45x45cm DCBKSPB cushion with piping pink lime 45x45cm DCBKSRL cushion with piping rust ocker 45x45cm DCBKSRO cushion with piping petrol beige 35x45cm DCBHKPB cushion with piping pink lime 35x45cm DCBHKRL cushion with piping rust ocker 35x45cm DCBHKRO 33

CUSHIONS In the living room cushion woven paisley bird white 45x45cm DCKSGW cushion woven paisley bird taupe 45x45cm DCKSGTA cushion woven paisley bird red 45x45cm DCKSGR cushion paisley orange 45x45cm DCKSPO cushion paisley pink 45x45cm DCKSPR cushion velvet blue ginko 45x45cm DCKSFG cushion velvet gold fringes floral rust 45x45cm DCFGFBR cushion velvet fringes floral taupe 45x45cm DCFGFBT velvet egrets 45x45cm DCVKSWK cushion velvet jungle cockatoo 45x45cm DCKSFJK cushion velvet jungle flamingo 45x45cm DCKSFJF velvet white peacocks 45x45cm DCVKSWP 34

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet peacock 45x45cm DCVKSP velvet blue heron 45x45cm DCVKSBR velvet white cranes 45x45cm DCVKSZR velvet kitcase 45x45cm DCVKSKT 35

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet palm tree white 45x45cm DCFGFPW velvet palm tree black 45x45cm DCFGFPZ velvet monstera black/gold 45X45cm DCFGFMZ velvet leopard black 45x45cm DCKSLZW velvet leopard black 45x35cm DCHKLZW seatpad velvet leopard round Ø40cm DCZKLZ velvet landscape tree 45x45cm DCKSLLB velvet landscape umbrella 45x45cm DCKSLP velvet country singing birds 45x45cm DCKSCZV velvet jungle elephant gold 40x60cm DCGKFJO velvet peacock tail gold 40x60cm DCGKFPS velvet peacock feathers gold 40x60cm DCGKFPV 36

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet jungle panther 45x45cm DCKSFJPZ velvet petrol monkey 45x45cm DCKSFJAP velvet jungle tucan 45x45cm DCKSFJWT velvet japanese garden 40x60cm DCKSFJT linen look garden butterflies 45x45cm DCKSGVL linen look garden garden 45x45cm DCKSGTV cushion horse brown 45x45cm DCKKSPB cushion horse white 45x45cm DCKKSPW cushion country horses 40x60cm DCKSCP velvet crocodile white 45x45cm DCKSCW velvet crocodile brown 45x45cm DCKSCB velvet crocodile grey 45x45cm DCKSCG 37

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet grey 45x45cm DCFGFGR velvet gold 45x45cm DCFGFG velvet taupe 45x45cm DCFGFT velvet moss green 45x45cm DCFGFM velvet petrol 45x45cm DCFGFP velvet baby blue 45X45cm DCFGFB velvet navy 45x45cm DCFGFN velvet black 45X45cm DCFGFZ velvet gold black 35x45cm DCFGHKZ velvet round petrol Ø40cm DCRKFP velvet round orange Ø40cm DCRKFO velvet round black Ø40cm DCRKFZ 38

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet green DCFGHKAG / DCFGKSAG velvet gold honey DCFGHKHG / DCFGKSHG velvet gold petrol DCFGHKPT / DCFGKSPT velvet gold baby pink 35x45cm DCFGHKR velvet navy DCFGHKNV / DCFGKSNV velvet gold baby blue 35x45cm DCFGHKB velvet orange DCFGHKOR / DCFGKSOR 39

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet pastel hummingbird 45x45cm MRKSFPK velvet wild flowers with birds 45x45cm MRKSVV velvet wild flowers 30x50cm MRHKVB velvet romantic flower with stem 45x45cm MRKSFRBS velvet romantic flowers 45x45cm MRKSFRB velvet flying fish 40x60cm MRGKFVV 40

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet romantic peacock flower 40x60cm MRGKFRPB velvet charming butterfly 40x60cm MRGKCVP velvet flowers 8 40x60cm MRGKFPB8 velvet charming blossom 40x60cm MRGKCB velvet charming kissing birds 40x60cm MRGKCKV velvet charming birds 40x60cm MRGKCPK velvet jungle blue 45x45cm MRKSFJBL velvet flowers 3 45x45cm MRKSFPB3 velvet flowers 6 45x45cm MRKSFPB6 velvet flowers 2 45x45cm MRKSFPB2 velvet bunch of roses 45x45cm MRKSFBTR velvet birds grey 45x45cm MRKSFVG 41

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet exotic toucan 45x45cm MRKSFET velvet flowers 8 40x60cm MRGKFPB8 velvet flowers 9 40x60cm MRGKFPB9 velvet exotic honey bird 40x60cm MRGKFEHV velvet exotic bird 40x60cm MRGKFEV velvet winter pine cones 30x50cm MRHKFWDA velvet hogweed 45x45cm MRKSNB velvet nature rose hip 45x45cm MRKSNRB velvet winter fir branches 30x50cm MRHKFWDT velvet flamboyant strelitzia 45x45cm MRKFS flamboyant peacock palm tree 45x45cm MRKFPG velvet flamboyant peacock tail 45x45cm MRKFPS 42

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet charming 2 aras 45x45cm MRKSC2A velvet charming parakeets 45x45cm MRKSCP velvet charming parrot blue 45x45cm MRKSCPBR velvet charming parrot grey 45x45cm MRKSCPG velvet charming parrots green 45x45cm MRKSCPGB velvet charming bird’s nest 45x45cm MRKSCVN 43

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet nature allium 45x45cm MRKSNA velvet nature poppy 45x45cm MRKSNP velvet nature hydrangea 45x45cm MRKSNH velvet winter fir trees 45x45cm MRKSFWDB velvet nature gypsophila 45x45cm MRKSFWDA velvet nature gerbera 45x45cm MRKSNG velvet green conservatory 45x45cm MRKSGC velvet green palm leaf 45x45cm MRKSGP velvet palm green 45x45cm MRKSFPG exotic peacock 45x45cm MRKSFEPA velvet jungle panther 45x45cm MRKSFJP 44 horse 45x45cm MRKSFP

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet jungle giraffe print 45x45cm MRKSFJGP velvet sheep in grass 40x60cm MRGKFSG velvet chamois 40x60cm MRGKFG velvet jungle giraffe 45x45cm MRKSFJG velvet jungle zebra 45x45cm MRKSFJZ velvet zebra’s grey 40x60cm MRGKFZGS sheep and lamb 45x45cm MRKSFSL velvet ram 45x45cm MRKSFR velvet curious sheep 40x60cm MRGKFNS deer on mountain 45x45cm MRKSFHSB deer snow 40x60cm MRGKFHRS velvet jungle leaves 40x60cm MRGKFJB 45


CUSHIONS In the living room velvet aristo deer blue right 40x40cm velvet aristo deer light grey left 40x40cm MRKSFAHB40 MRKSFAHG40 velvet aristo deer dark blue left 40X40cm MRKSFAHDB40 velvet aristo deer light grey right 40x40cm MRKSFAHLG40 velvet aristo deer herringbone left 50x50cm velvet aristo deer grey right 50x50cm MRKSFAHD50 MRKSFAHG50 velvet aristo deer green right 50x50cm MRKSFAHDB50 velvet aristo deer taupe left 50x50cm MRKSFAHT50 velvet design with red deer 45x45cm MRKSFDH velvet design with horse 45x45cm MRKSFDP velvet design with sheep 45x45cm MRKSFDS 47

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet decorative band blush pink 30x50cm SWHKFSBP velvet paisley blush pink 35x45cm SWHKFPBP velvet pom pom blush pink 35x45cm SWHKFPPBP velvet decorative band beige 30x50cm SWHKFSB velvet paisley beige 35x45cm SWHKFPB half cushion velvet beige 35x45cm SWHKFPPB velvet decorative band taupe 30x50cm SWHKFST velvet paisley taupe 35x45cm SWHKFPT velvet pom pom taupe 35x45cm SWHKFPPT velvet decorative band gold 30x50cm SWHKFSG velvet paisley gold 35x45cm SWHKFPG cushion velvet pom pom gold 35x45cm SWHKFPPG 48

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet blush pink 45x45cm SWKSFBP velvet blush pink 35x45cm SWHKFBP velvet blush pink 40x60cm SWGKFBP 49

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet black tiger 45x45cm SWKSFGT cushion velvet gold 45x45cm SWKSFGD velvet gold 35x45cm SWHKFGB velvet black zebra 45x45cm SWKSFGZ big cushion velvet gold 40x60cm SWGKFGD cushion velvet smock gold 45x45cm SWKSFSKG velvet grey deer 45x45cm SWKSFGH cushion velvet light grey 45x45cm SWKSFLG cushion velvet smock rust 45x45cm SWKSFFR velvet grey elephant 45x45cm SWKSFGO cushion velvet light grey 35x45cm SWHKFLG cushion velvet smock rust 45x45cm SWKSFSKR 50

CUSHIONS In the living room velvet beige 45x45cm SWKSFBG velvet beige 35x45cm SWHKFBG velvet beige 40x60cm SWGKFBG velvet taupe 45x45cm SWKSFTP velvet taupe 35x45cm SWHKFTP velvet taupe 40x60cm SWGKFTP cushion velvet smock taupe 30x30cm SWKKSFST cushion velvet deer taupe 40x40cm SWKSTPH velvet smock taupe 50x50cm SWKSFST cushion velvet rust Ø40cm SWPKR cushion velvet beige Ø60cm SWPGFBG cushion velvet taupe Ø40cm SWPKTP 51


CANVAS CUSHIONS In the living room cushion black bull 40x60cm GKGKZST cushion rabbit strectched legs 50x50cm GKKSKGA cushion black fallow deer 50x50cm GKKSZDH cushion red deer family 35x45cm GKHKEHF cushion red deer snow 40x60cm GKGKEHS canvas birds sparrow 50x50cm GKKSVH canvas birds great tit 50x50cm GKKSVK canvas birds blackbird 50x50cm GKKSVM canvas birds robin 50x50cm GKKSVR 53

CANVAS CUSHIONS In the living room canvas dachshund sitting 50x50cm GKKSTZ canvas 2 chihuahuas 50x50cm GKKS2CH canvas french bulldogs 50x50cm GKKSFB canvas french bulldog 35x50cm GKHKPFB canvas chihuahuas 35x50cm GKHKCH canvas foxhounds 35x50cm GKHKFH canvas dachshund laying 35x50cm GKHKTRL canvas jack russell 35x50cm GKHKPJR canvas humor dachshund 35x50cm GKHKHTK canvas humor english bulldog 35x50cm GKHKHEB canvas humor french bulldog 35x50cm GKHKHFB canvas rabbit brown/grey 50x50cm GKKSKNB 54

CANVAS CUSHIONS In the living room canvas 2 rabbits brown 50x50cm GKKS2BK canvas hare 35x50cm GKHKHS canvas rabbits 35x50cm GKHKWK canvas 3 rabbits brown 35x50cm GKHK5BK canvas rabbits 35x50cm GKKSKKN canvas xxl rabbits 40x90cm GKXXLKN canvas sheep 40x60cm GKGKCS 55

CANVAS CUSHIONS In the living room canvas british shorthair 50x50cm GKKSKBK canvas kitten 50x50cm GKKSTG canvas tabby white 50x50cm GKKSTW canvas tabby laying 35x50cm GKHKTL canvas cat snow 35x50cm GKHKKS canvas kittens shorthair 35x50cm GKHKKBK4 canvas kittens 35x50cm GKKSKKT canvas kittens shorthair 35x50cm GKHKKBK2 canvas xxl licking kittens 40x90cm GKXXLKL canvas xxl kittens 40x90cm GKXXLKT canvas swiss calves 40x60cm GKGKZW canvas highland cow 35x45cm GKHKSHS 56

CANVAS CUSHIONS In the living room canvas swiss cow 50x50cm GKKSSC canvas donkey grey 50x50cm GKKSEG canvas capricorn 50x50cm GKKSSB canvas deer front 50x50cm GKKSCHV canvas black deer 50x50cm GKKSZH canvas wild boar 35x50cm GKHKWZ big cushion flock cerf 40x60cm GKGKRH canvas deer running 35x50cm GKHKHR canvas winter deer 40x60cm GKGKWH canvas jan davidszoon 50x50cm GKKSJDH canvas wooden heart 50x50cm GKKSHH canvas feathers 40x60cm GKGKVA 57

CANVAS CUSHIONS In the living room canvas rabbit back legs 33x33cm GKKKDKA canvas rabbit grey 33x33cm GKKKDKG canvas bulldog 33x33cm GKKKDFBB canvas deer 33x33cm GKKKDH canvas labrador 33x33cm GKKKDLB 58

CANVAS DRAUGHT EXCLUDERS In the living room draught excluder rabbits 20x90cm GKTKKN draught excluder lap dogs 20x90cm GKTKSH draught excluder rabbits 20x90cm GKTKBK draught excluder kittens 20x90cm GKTKKT draught excluder dachshund 20x90cm GKTKTZ draught excluder sheep 20x90cm GKTKS draught excluder swiss cow 20x90cm GKTKZK draught excluder deer running 20x90cm GKTKHR draught excluder deer front 20x90cm GKTKCG draught excluder wooden heart 20x90cm GKTKHH 59


GOBELIN CUSHIONS In the living room gobelin rose A 45x45cm EVKSRSA gobelin rose B 45x45cm EVKSRSB gobelin rose C 45x45cm EVKSRSC gobelin flowers roebuck 45x45cm EVKSBRB gobelin flowers roe 45x45cm EVKSBRE gobelin flower fox 45x45cm EVKSBVS gobelin funky deer nest 45x45cm EVKSFDN gobelin deer birdcage 45x45cm EVKSFDV gobelin funky deer hat 45x45cm EVKSFDH gobelin turquoise deer 45x45cm EVKSHTL gobelin turquoise deer 45x45cm EVKSHTRS gobelin turquoise deer 45x45cm EVKSHTM 61

GOBELIN CUSHIONS In the living room gobelin berner sennen 45x45cm EVKSHBSN gobelin luxury dachsund 45x45cm EVKSLTK gobelin luxury westie 45x45cm EVKSLWT gobelin hunting beagle 45x45cm EVKSHJB gobelin hunting labrador 45x45cm EVKSHJL gobelin hunting retriever 45x45cm EVKSHJR gobelin blazer pug 45x45cm EVKSGBMH gobelin blazer jack russell 45x45cm EVKSGBJR gobelin blazer bulldog 45x45cm EVKSGBFB gobelin jack russell 45x45cm EVKSPPJRS gobelin retriever 45x45cm EVKSPPRT gobelin westy 45x45cm EVKSPPWS 62

GOBELIN CUSHIONS In the living room gobelin cat countess 45x45cm EVKSAKL gobelin cat count 45x45cm EVKSAKG gobelin cat marquess 45x45cm EVKSAKM gobelin hunter’s cap hare 45x45cm EVKSJPHS gobelin hunter’s cap deer 45x45cm EVKSJPH gobelin hunter’s cap fox 45x45cm EVKSJPV gobelin horse red 30x45cm EVHKPZR gobelin horse green 30x45cm EVHKPZG gobelin horse brown 30x45cm EVHKPZB gobelin squirrel 30x45cm EVHKGEH gobelin hedgehog 30x45cm EVHKGEG gobelin little owl 30x45cm EVHKGSU 63

GOBELIN CUSHIONS In the living room gobelin green check deer 45x45cm EVKSGD gobelin tiroler deer 45x45cm EVKSTHG gobelin hare green 45x45cm EVKSHGAG gobelin tartan deer 45x45cm EVKSTH gobelin tiroler deer 45x45cm EVKSTHR gobelin deer green 45x45cm EVKSHGAJ gobelin tiger siberia 45x45cm EVKSXTS gobelin pilot bulldog 45x45cm EVKSPBD gobelin safari lion 45x45cm EVKSSFL gobelin leopard 45x45cm EVKSXPT gobelin pilot cat 45x45cm EVKSPK gobelin safari tiger 45x45cm EVKSSFP 64

GOBELIN CUSHIONS In the living room gobelin fairy tale deer 45x45cm EVKSSHR gobelin fairy tale deer 45x45cm EVKSSHK gobelin fairy tale doe 45x45cm EVKSSHI gobelin hunter roebuck 45x45cm EVKSJRE gobelin hunter fox 45x45cm EVKSJVS gobelin hunter red deer 45x45cm EVKSJEH gobelin baron deer bordeaux 45x45cm EVKSBHB gobelin baron deer green 45x45cm EVKSBHG gobelin baron deer purple 45x45cm EVKSBHP 65

GOBELIN CUSHIONS In the living room gobelin teddy bear book 45x45cm EVKSTBB gobelin teddy bear read 45x45cm EVKSTBL gobelin bear feather 45x45cm EVKSTBV gobelin coat brown bear 45x45cm EVKSJB gobelin coat wolf 45x45cm EVKSJWO gobelin coat raccoon 45x45cm EVKSJWB gobelin nordic wolf 45x45cm EVKSNDW gobelin nordic bear 45x45cm EVKSNDB gobelin nordic deer 45x45cm EVKSNDH gobelin ski friend bernard 45x45cm EVKSSVSB gobelin ski friend deer 45x45cm EVKSSVH gobelin ski friend husky 45x45cm EVKSSVHU 66

GOBELIN CUSHIONS In the living room gobelin flag emblem 30x45cm EVHKVLEB gobelin flag her majesty 30x45cm EVHKVLHM gobelin flag medallion 30x45cm EVHKVLMD gobelin chalet 30x45cm EVHKCT gobelin cushion antique ski 30x45cm EVHKATSK draught excluder ducks 20x90cm EVTKDU draught excluder hunters 20x90cm EVTKJG draught excluder friends 20x90cm EVTKNF draught excluder horse saddle 20x90cm EVTKPZ draught excluder green check deer 20x90cm EVTKGN draught excluder tartan deer 20x90cm EVTKTH draught excluder chalet blue sky 20x90cm EVTKCBL 67

FAUX FUR CUSHIONS & THROWS In the living room cushion ostrich 30x50cm YMHKSV cushion ostrich 45x45cm YMKSSV 130x170 / 220x240cm YMTRSV / YMTRLSV cushion soft taupe 45x45cm YMKST cushion soft taupe 30x50cm YMHKT throw soft taupe 130x170 YMKLT cushion panther 45x45cm YMKSPT cushion panther 40x60cm YMHKPT 130x170 / 220x240cm YMTRPT / YMTRLPT 68

CUSHIONS & THROWS In the living room cushion wolf grey 45x45cm FXKSWG cushion wolf grey 30x50cm FXHKWG throw wolf grey 130x180cm FXTRWG cushion grizzly brown 45x45cm FXKSBBR cushion grizzly brown 30x50cm FXHKBB throw grizzly brown 130x180cm FXTRBBR 69

CUSHIONS & THROWS In the living room cushion ribbed 2 colours 45x45cm FXKSR2K cushion ribbed 2 colours 30x50cm FXHKR2K throw ribbed 2 colours 130x180cm FXTRR2K cushion lynx grey 45x45cm FXKSLG cushion lynx grey 30x50cm FXHKLG throw lynx grey 130x180cm FXTRLG cushion rib beige bear 45x45cm FXKSRBG cushion rib beige bear 30x50cm FXHKRBG throw rib beige bear 130x170cm FXTRRBG cushion rib brown bear 45x45cm FXKSRB cushion rib brown bear 30x50cm FXHKRB throw rib brown bear 130x170cm FXTRRB 70

CUSHIONS & THROWS In the living room cushion bear ecru 45X45cm FXKSBW big cushion bear ecru 40x60cm FXGKBW throw bear ecru 130x180cm FXTRBW cushion bear beige 45X45cm FXKSBB big cushion bear beige 40x60cm FXGKBB throw bear beige 130x180cm FXTRBB cushion bear grey 45X45cm FXKSBG big cushion bear grey 40x60cm FXGKBG throw bear grey 130x180cm FXTRBG 71

THROWS & CUSHIONS In the living room cushion wool look check beige 45x45cm WTKSRB cushion wool look check brown 45x45cm WTKSRBR cushion wool look check grey 45x45cm WTKSRG throw wool look check beige 130x170cm WTTRRB throw wool look check brown 130x170cm WTTRRBR throw wool look check grey 130x170cm WTTRRG cushion wool look fringes grey 45x45cm WTKSFG cushion wool look mixed grey 45x45cm WTKSGG cushion wool look zig zag beige 45x45cm WTKSWZ throw wool look fringes grey 130x170cm WTTRFG throw wool look mixed grey 130x170cm WTTRGG throw wool look herringbone camel 130x170cm WTTRRGR 72

THROWS In the living room cushion wool look fray grey/white 45x45cm WTKSRGW cushion wool look fray zig zag 45x45cm WTKSZGW cushion wool look stripe grey/white 45x45cm WTKSWSB throw wool look fray grey/white 130x170cm WTTRRGW throw wool look fray zig zag 130x170cm WTTRZGW 73

THROWS & CUSHIONS In the living room throw sheep grey xl 150x200cm SSDKXLSG throw hearts all over grey 130x180cm SSDKHG throw hearts all over beige 130x180cm SSDKHBG 74

THROWS In the living room throw capricorn 130x180cm SSDKSB throw alpine cow 130x180cm SSDKAK throw jumping deer dark 130x180cm SSDKSTHLG cushion capricorn 45x45cm SSKSSB cushion alpine cow 45x45cm SSKSAK throw standing deer 130x180cm SSDKSTH throw deer red grey 130x180cm SSDKHN throw deer in forest red green 130x180cm SSDKHB throw ski 130x180cm SSDKSK throw nordic design red grey 130x180cm SSDKND throw snow hearts grey 130x180cm SSDKSH throw deer all over green 130x180cm SSDKHAO 75

LEATHER CUSHIONS In the living room cushion blanket stitch cow brown MHKSDKB / MHHKDKB cushion blanket stitch cow black MHKSDKZ / MHHKDKZ cushion blanket stitch cow grey MHKSDKG / MHHKDKG cushion blanket stitch cow brown 45x60cm MHGKDKB cushion blanket stitch cow black 45x60cm MHGKDKZ cushion blanket stitch cow grey 45x60cm MHGKDKG cushion cow heart brown OMHKHB / OMKSHB cushion cow heart black OMHKHZ / OMKSHZ cushion cow heart grey OMHKHG / OMKSHG excluder cow brown 20x90cm IVTKKB excluder cow black 20x90cm IVTKKZ excluder cow grey 20x90cm IVTKKG 76

LEATHER CUSHIONS In the living room cushion cow leopard 45x45cm MHLPKS wool cushion heart grey 45x45cm GKWGKSHA wool cushion antler grey 45x45cm GKWGKSG cushion cow zebra 45x45cm MHZBKS wool cushion cow grey 45x45cm GKWGKSK wool cushion deer grey 45x45cm GKWGKSHE excluder cow leopard 20x90cm MHLPTK grey cushion alpine cow 45x45cm GKWGKSAK grey cushion jumping deer 45x45cm GKWGKSSP excluder cow zebra 20x90cm MHZBTK grey cushion capricorne 45x45cm GKWGKSSB grey cushion standing deer 45x45cm GKWGKSST 77

SHEEP CUSHIONS In the living room ombre sheep white/beige 40x40cm QXOKSTLWB ombre sheep white/grey 40x40cm QXOKSTLWG cushion sheep black 40x40cm QXKSWZ 40x40cm / 30x50cm QXNKSSW / QXNHKSW 40x40cm / 30x50cm QXNKSSB / QXNHKSB 40x40cm / 30x50cm QXNKSSG / QXNHKSG 40x40cm / 35x50cm QXKSTLW / QXHKTLW 40x40cm / 35x50cm QXKSTLB / QXHKTLB 40x40cm / 35x50cm QXKSTLG / QXHKTLG 78

SHEEP CUSHIONS In the living room cushion new zealand sand 40x40cm QXNKSSS cushion new zealand sand 30x50cm QXNHKSS cushion sheep wool brown 50x50cm QXGKWB 79

SEAT PADS SHEEP In the living room seat pad new zealand white Ø40cm QXZKNZRW seat pad new zealand beige Ø40cm QXZKNZRT seat pad new zealand grey Ø40cm QXZKNZRG 80

SEAT PADS SHEEP In the living room seat pad new zealand sand Ø40cm QXZKNZRS seat pad lamb albania Ø37cm POZKRDLA seat pad iceland sheep grey Ø37cm POZKGR seat pad sheep white 40x40cm QXZKTLW seat pad sheep beige 40x40cm QXZKTLB seat pad sheep grey 40x40cm QXZKTLG seat pad new zealand white 40x40cm QXNZKSW seat pad sheep rust 37x37cm POZKBR seat pad new zealand black 40x40cm QXNZKSZ seat pad sheep iceland grey 37x37cm POZKBG seat pad sheep iceland white 37x37cm POZKW 81


GOAT & SPRINGBOK CUSHIONS In the living room cushion goat white QXKSGW / QXHKGWX cushion goat grey QXKSGG / QXHKGGX cushion goat beige QXKSGB / QXHKGBX cushion goat cream 40x40cm QXKSGC cushion goat cheetah QXKSGL / QXHKGL cushion goat leopard brown QXKSGLB / QXHKGLB cushion goat nature QXKSGN / QXHKGN cushion goat deer QXKSGH / QXHKH cushion goat zebra QXKSGZB / QXHKGZB cushion springbok 40x40cm CGKSSB draught excluder springbok 45x15cm CGTKSB 83

RABBIT CUSHIONS & TROWS In the living room cushion rabbit brown 50x50cm QXKSKBR cushion rabbit grey 50x50cm QXKSKGR foot warmer fur rabbit 37cm QXVWK cushion rabbit white 40x40cm QXKSKW cushion rabbit white 30x50cm QXHKKW throw rabbit white 130x180cm QXTRKW cushion rabbit brown 40x40cm QXKSKB cushion rabbit brown 30x50cm QXHKKB throw rabbit brown 130x180cm QXTRKB cushion rabbit grey 40x40cm QXKSKG cushion rabbit grey 30x50cm QXHKKG 84 throw rabbit grey 130x180cm QXTRKG

RABBIT CUSHIONS & TROWS In the living room cushion rabbit mix brown 40x40cm QXKSKM cushion rabbit mix brown 30x50cm QXHKKM throw rabbit mix 130x180cm QXKLKM cushion rabbit mix grey 40x40 QXKSKMG cushion rabbit mix grey 30x50cm QXHKKMG throw rabbit mix grey 130x180cm QXKLKMG 85




TABLE LAMPS (LED) In the living room led table lamp cheetah 15 / 20cm XMLTLC15 / 20 Including LED lights led table lamp snake grey 15cm led table lamp panter 15cm XMLTLG15 XMLTLP15 led table lamp snake 15cm XMLTLS15 led table lamp snake grey 20cm led table lamp panter 20cm XMLTLG20 XMLTLP20 led table lamp snake 20cm XMLTLS20 89

LAMPSHADES In the living room 20 / 25 cm MKZLK20 / 25 seagrass hanging lamp dish 80cm MKZHLS80 floor lamp rattan 110cm MKRVL110 Ø32 / 48 cm MKJWL32 / 48 Ø32 / 51 cm MKRWL32 / 51 Ø32 / 50 cm MKBWL32 / 50 90

LAMPSHADES In the living room jute lampshade Ø35cm MKJLK35 32 / 48cm MKZHR32 / 48 table lamp jute 60cm MKJVL60 30 / 40 cm MKZSLR30 / 40 seagrass hanging lamp black 79cm MKZHZ79 bamboo pendant lamp 49cm MKBHLD49 91

LAMPSHADES In the living room lampshade great tit set of 3 MRLKM lampshade monstera (set of 3) 25 / 30 / 45cm DCLKSCMZ lampshade winter deer 37x37cm GKLKVWH37 92

LAMPSHADES In the living room lampshade faux fur brown 25cm lampshade faux fur brown 30cm DCLKFFB25 DCLKFFB30 lampshade faux fur brown 40cm DCLKFFB40 DCLKHG16 / 21 / 25 DCLKOR16 / 21 / 25 DCLKAG16 / 21 / 25 DCLKLP16 / 21 / 25 DCLKPT16 / 21 / 25 DCLKGO16 / 21 / 25 lampshade velvet baby pink 25cm lampshade velvet baby blue 25cm DCLKR25 DCLKB25 DCLKZ25 / 30 / 45 93

LAMPSHADES & BASES In the living room lampshade cow brown/white 40cm lampshade cow black/white 30cm MHHLKB40 MHHLKZ30 lampshade cow grey 50cm MHHLKG50 lampshade cow brown MHLKKB20 / 30 lampshade cow black MHLKKZ20 / 30 lampshade cow grey MHLKKG20 / 30 lampshade cow brown MHLKKB40 / 50 lampshade cow black MHLKKZ40 / 50 lampshade cow grey MHLKKG40 / 50 lampshade cow beige MHLKKBE20 / 30 lampshade cow beige 40cm MHLKKBE40 lampshade cow beige 50cm MHLKKBE50 94

LAMPSHADES & BASES In the living room OMLKHB18 / 26 / 39 OMLKHZ18 / 26 / 39 OMLKHG18 / 26 / 39 round / square MHLVRB / KB square / round MHLVKZ / RZ round / square MHLVRG / KG 95

LAMP BASES In the living room 48 / 54cm MGLVPG48 / 54 35 / 45cm MHLVE35 / 45 55 / 85cm MHLVE55 / 85 96

LAMP BASES In the living room 30 / 40cm OMLVE30 / 40 60 / 80cm OMLVE60 / 80 SASLZ30 / 45 / 60 lamp base antler 45cm KGLVG lamp base antler 55cm ABLVG55 lamp base antler 70cm ABLVG70 lamp base antler 60cm KGSL lamp base red deer 32cm CCLVE3 lamp base red deer 70cm CCLVE lamp base fallow deer 69cm CCLVD pendant deer 5 arm KGHL5DH pendant antler 5 arm KGHL5 97

FURNITURE In the living room jute pouffe square 50cm JHJPFV jute stool Ø40cm JHJK40 jute stool Ø60cm JHJK60 pouffe jute black Ø40cm DEJPFZ pouffe jute natural Ø40cm JHJPF jute pouffe naturel Ø40cm MKZP40 98

FURNITURE In the living room stool cow leopard 30x30x40cm MHLPK stool cow zebra 30x30x40cm MHZBK stool cow grey round 30x30x45cm OMKKRGS stool cow red brown round 30x30x45cm OMKKRRB stool cow round dark brown 30x30x45cm OMKKRDB stool cow square dark brown 30x30x45cm OMKKVDB stool cow black round 30x30x45cm OMKKRZW stool cow black square 30x30x45cm OMKKVZW stool cow red brown square 30x30x45cm OMKKVRB stool chalet cow brown round 40x40x45cm OMCKKRB stool cow grey square 30x30x45cm OMKKVGS stool chalet cow grey round 40x40x45cm OMCKKRG 99

FURNITURE In the living room bar stool cow brown/white 35x75cm OMBKKB chair directors teak wood 58x57x84cm GKSTR chair cow brown 50x53x79cm KHSLKBW bar stool cow grey/white 35x65cm OMCKG lounge chair cow leather 61x61x76cm GKSTL chair cow black 50x53x79cm KHSLKZW bench cow brown white 40x26x46cm KHBJKBW stool chalet cow grey square 35x35x35cm OMCKVG pouffe cow red brown 80x80x35cm OMTFRB bench cow grey 45x26x46cm KHBJKGS pouffe cow brown 40x40x40cm MHPVHT pouffe cow grey 80x80x35cm OMTFG 100

chair cow red brown 76x68x73cm OMSLDBW 101

FURNITURE In the living room butterfly chair cow red brown 80x75x90cm OMVSLRB butterfly chair cow black 80x75x90cm OMVSLZW butterfly chair cow grey 80x75x90cm OMVSGS bench chalet cow red brown 95x40x45cm OMCBKRB bench chalet cow black 95x40x45cm OMCBKZ bench chalet cow grey 95x40x45cm OMCBKG foot stool 25x12x20cm LCEVB bench elmwood 130/188x15x50cm LCEB stool rectangle elmwood 40x20x50cm LCEKR 102

FURNITURE In the living room chair new zealand sheep 90x90cm QXNSTW stool round sheep white Ø36x45cm POKRW stool round light grey Ø36x45cm POKRRLG stool round sheep olive green Ø36x45cm POKRROG stool round dark grey Ø36x45cm POKRRDG 103

FURNITURE In the living room table antler Ø48cm ABTG48 table antler Ø40cm ABTG40 side table deer 30x65x103cm GNBTH side table round 75cm MGBTR75 side table round 65cm MGBTR65 side table square 75cm MGBTV75 104


candle silver 7x10cm BRKZ710 106

CANDLES Decoration more sizes available www.marsmore.com candle powder pink 7x10cm BRKPR710 candle light blue 7x10cm BRKLB710 candle white 7x10cm BRKW710 candle taupe 7x10cm BRKT710 candle copper 7x10cm BRKK710 candle champagne 7x10cm BRKBR710 candle gold 7x10cm BRKG710 candle dark grey 7x10cm BRKDG710 candle metallic black 7x10cm BRKMG710 dinner candle white 2x19cm BRDKW dinner candle taupe 2x19cm BRDKT dinner candle black 2x19cm BRDKZ 107

WINDLIGHTS Decoration tealight mango wood 11cm CIWL11 12 / 19cm CIWLH12 / 19 rattan latern natural 24cm MKRWL24 rattan latern belly natural 17cm Bamboo windlight 30cm MKRWLB17 ZMBWLV30 Bamboo windlight 38cm ZMBWLV38 32 / 40cm LAWWT32 / 40 LAWWB20 / 25 / 31 29 / 34cm LAWW29 / 34 LJWWH30 / 35 / 40 28 / 39cm ZMWLB28 / 39 windlight water hyacinth 32cm MKWWL32 108

WINDLIGHTS Decoration 14 / 24cm LJDWR14 / 24 windlight driftwood straight 25cm LJDWRP25 12 / 16cm LJDWB12 / 16 109

WINDLIGHTS Decoration tealight cow brown 13cm tealight cow black 13cm MHWLKB MHWLKZ tealight cow grey 13cm MHWLKG MHGWL10 / 15 /20 MHLPWL10 / 15 /20 MHZBWL10 / 15 /20 110

WINDLIGHTS Decoration lantern cow handle brown 20cm lantern cow handle black 15cm MHWHB20 MHWHZ15 lantern cow handle grey 10cm MHWHG10 MHWLKHB10 / 15 /20 MHWLKHZ10 / 15 /20 MHWLKHG10 / 15 /20 windlight cow star brown 15cm windlight cow star black 15cm MHWLKSB15 MHWLKSZ15 windlight cow star grey 15cm MHWLKSG15 windlight cow deer brown 15cm windlight cow deer black 15cm MHWLKDB15 MHWLKDZ15 windlight cow deer grey 15cm MHWLKDG15 111







CIKHR20 / 30 / 40 118

CANDLE HOLDERS Decoration candle holder round 15cm candle holder round 20cm CIKHRO15 CIKHRO20 candle holder round 25cm CIKHRO25 candle holder square 31cm candle holder square 38cm CIKHB20 CIKHB30 candle holder square 46cm CIKHB40 candle holder mango wood 20cm CIKH20 candle holder mango wood 30cm CIKH30 candle holder mango wood 40cm CIKH40 candle holder bobbin 15cm candle holder bobbin 20cm CIKKH15 CIKKH20 candle holder bobbin 25cm CIKKH25 119

CANDLE HOLDERS Decoration candle holder wide 12cm candle holder wide 17cm GNKLB12 GNKLB17 candle holder wide 22cm GNKLB22 candle holder small 12cm candle holder small 17cm GNKLS12 GNKLS17 candle holder small 22cm GNKLS22 candle holder round 12cm candle holder round 17cm GNKLR12 GNKLR17 candle holder round 22cm GNKLR22 candle holder square 12cm candle holder square 17cm GNKLV12 GNKLV17 candle holder square 22cm GNKLV22 120

CANDLE HOLDERS Decoration candle stick hammered gold 12cm candle stick hammered gold 17cm GNKLBG12 GNKLBG17 candle stick hammered gold 22cm GNKLBG22 14 / 17cm GNWLGG14 / 17 wind light antler 17cm GNWLG17 GNWLSGS / M / L windlight antler 10cm GNWLG EHWLG15 / 19 / 25 windlight star silver Small GNWLSZS Small / Medium HEWLZS / M 17x22 / 24x29cm GNWLK1 / 3 GNWLS22 / 28 / 38 121

CANDLE HOLDERS Decoration candle holder 8cm ABKH candle holder antler 19cm KGKLG19 candle holder 30cm ABK30 candle holder deer 20cm candlestick deer 40CM GNKLH20 GNKLH42 candlestick deer 57cm GNKLH57 16 / 21cm EHKLHT16 / 21 candle holder circle antler 89cm GNKLG89 46 / 61cm EHKLCH46 / 61 24 / 33cm GNKLSG24 / 33 candle holder baroque deer 28cm EHKSBHM 55 / 70cm GNBTG55 / 70 122

CANDLE HOLDERS Decoration tray round 8 candlesticks 33x22cm ABDR8K tea light holder christmas tree 70cm GNWLKB70 5 / 8 holders EHK5DB - EHK8DB 123


CANDLE HOLDERS &VASES Decoration candlestick palm amber 16cm candlestick palm amber 21cm BHKPAG16 BHKPAG21 19 / 26cm BHVSAG19 / 26 candlestick palm green 16cm candlestick palm green 21cm BHKPGB16 BHKPGB21 19 / 26cm BHVSGB19 / 26 candlestick palm beige 16cm candlestick palm beige 21cm BHKPLB16 BHKPLB21 19 / 26cm BHVSLB19 / 26 candlestick palm tree grey 16cm candlestick palm tree grey 21cm BHKPLG16 BHKPLG21 19 / 26cm BHVSLG19 / 26 125



DRIED LEAVES Decoration palm leaf branch dried 100cm 40 / 50cm MKPBTGP40 / 50 MKPBGC100 palm leaf branch dried 54cm MKPBGN54 96 / 103cm MKPBTG96 / 103 palm leaf dried 70cm MKPBTGR70 palm leaf branch dried 136cm MKPBTGW136 128

YEAST BOTTLE RECYCLED GLASS Decoration 2 / 4L AGGGFG2/4 vase bulb recycled 5L AGGVB5 8 / 16L AGGGFG8/16 2 / 4L AGGGF2 / 4 yeast bottle recycled 8L AGGGF8 yeast bottle recycled 16L AGGGF16 2 / 4L AGGGFT2 / 4 yeast bottle recycled taupe 8L AGGGFT8 yeast bottle recycled taupe 16L AGGGFT16 129

23 / 30 / 38cm CIVH23 / 30 / 38 130

BASKETS Decoration basket bamboo black set of 2 MKBMZ bamboo baksket 26cm LABMN26 19 / 23cm LAWVS19 / 23 seagrass basket round set of 3 ZMZBPPR seagrass basket neck set of 3 ZMZBPHA seagrass basket coupe set of 2 ZMZBPC seagrass flower pot high round set of 3 ZMZBPHR baskets naturel set of 3 MKMNWR baskets naturel braided set of 3 LJMNR3 baskets natural grey set of 3 LJMNGE3 baskets natural ecru set of 3 LJMNE3 131 baskets black naturel set of 3 LJMNZW3

BASKETS Decoration hanging black flowerpot 22x22x18cm MKZHB20 baskets white grey set of 3 LJMSGW seagrass baskets natural set of 3 MKZMN seagrass baskets black set of 3 MKZMZ seagrass baskets natural set of 3 MKZMRR seagrass basket natural 55x55x27cm MKZMBN vintage willow basket oval 43x40x60cm NCWMO50 grass flowerpot set of 2 MKZPPR basket naturel ecru 23x18x19cm LJMNES3 132 basket naturel white 29x20x27cm LJMNW3

BASKETS Decoration basket cow hide brown 50x21x40cm MHMDKHB basket cow hide black 50x21x40cm MHMDKHZ basket cow hide grey 50x21x40cm MHMDKHG basket cow hide leopard 50x21x40cm MHLPMD basket cow hide zebra 50x21x40cm MHZBMD basket cow leather brown 50x21x40cm MHMDKL 133

FLOWER POT/ BOXES Decoration jewelry box leopard set of 3 MHLPB Flower pot cow (set of 3) brown/black/grey MHBPKB/Z/G jewelry box zebra set of 3 MHZBB jewelry box brown 25x25x8cm MHBKB jewelry box black 25x25x8cm MHBKZ jewelry box grey 25x25x8cm MHBKG box heart brown 15x15x8cm MHHKB box heart black 15x15x8cm MHHKZ box heart grey 15x15x8cm MHHKG 134

ORGANIZERS Decoration pencil box brown 9x9x10cm MHPBKHB pencil box black 9x9x10cm MHPBKHZ pencil box grey 9x9x10cm MHPBKHG pencil box leopard 9x9x10cm MHLPPB pencil box zebra 9x9x10cm MHZBPB tissuebox cow leopard 25x19x9cm MHZBTB tissuebox cow brown 25x19x9cm MHTBKHB tissuebox cow black 25x19x9cm MHTBKHZ tissuebox cow leopard 25x19x9cm MHLPTB tissuebox cow grey 25x19x9cm MHTBKHG 135


STANDING DECORATIONS Decoration standing bird mango wood 26cm standing bird mango wood 32cm CISHV26 CISHV32 standing bird mango wood 38cm CISHV38 standing heart mango wood 27cm standing heart mango wood 35cm CISHM27 CISHM35 standing heart mango wood 45cm CISHM45 CISHEM10 / 17 / 22 wooden mask on stand 48cm CIDMM48 wooden mask on stand 58cm CIDMM58 CISSG27 / 35 / 45 CISBG28 / 35 / 45 EHSSFHS27 / 32 / 40 137

HANGING DECORATIONS Decoration heart hanger mango rope 6cm deer hanger mango rope 7cm CIHHTH6 CIHHTG7 bird hanger mango rope 8cm CIHHTV8 wind chimes metal 68cm CIWGM wind chimes colours 68cm CIWGK hanging heart panther 15cm YMHGHPW15 10 / 16cm IVHGHHK / M / G DCFHHP10 / 16 IVHGHK / M / g star mango wood on rope 12cm 15 / 17cm CIHHT15 / 17 CIHHT12 hanging natural star 20cm IVHGSG 138

HANGING DECORATION Decoration CISGT10 / 12 / 15 heart gold rope More sizes online CIHGT10 bell gold rope More sizes online CIBGT10 bell gold deer More sizes online CIBGH15 bell gold capricorn More sizes online CIBGS15 bells gold on rope 4 85x5x9cm CIBGT4 139

WALL DECORATIONS Decoration 55 / 75cm ZMWKG80 / 90 / 120 ZMWKGD55 / 75 wall carpet traingle 60x90cm RCJWDN seagrass wall decoration 46cm seagrass wall tapestry 55cm ZMZWR46 ZMZWK55 60x90cm RCJWRG / RCJWRN small / medium/ large HFWDHHS / M / L 140

WALL DECORATIONS Decoration seagrass wall basket black set of 3 MKMM3 seagrass wall basket black 40cm MKZMMD seagrass wall basket 40cm MKZMMO MKRPM10/ 20 / 33 wall decoration leaf 59cm MKZMB wall seagras leaf 55cm MKJBWD bamboo fan block 40cm bamboo fan block 70cm MKBWBZ40 MKBWN70 bamboo fan block 54cm MKBWG54 bamboo fan block stripe 40cm wall decoration leaf 56cm MKBWSZ40 MKBWZ56 seagrass wall decoration 85cm MKZWD85 141

WALL DECORATIONS Decoration mirror cow round brown 40cm MHSPB mirror cow round black 40cm MHSPZ mirror cow round grey 40cm MHSPG mirror cow brown stand 25cm MHSPSB mirror cow black stand 25cm MHSPSZ mirror cow grey stand 25cm MHSPSG mirror cow brown square 50x50cm MHSPVB mirror cow black square 50x50cm MHSPVZ mirror cow grey square 50x50cm MHSPVG EHWHDRS / R / M capricorn 63cm KGWDSB63 wall decoration 64cm ABWHST64 142

WALL DECORATIONS Decoration seagrass mirror 66cm seagrass mirror 80cm MKZSP66 MKZSP80 seagrass mirror black 60cm MKZSPZ60 143

ACCESSORIES Decoration vintage copper letter fleur de lis 24x4,5cm EHVKBF vintage copper letter crown 24x4,5cm EHVKBK 10/ 13cm GNMG10 / 13 gold door knob leaf 6x5x4,5cm EHGDKB gold door knob lion 3,5x3,5x6cm EHGDKL gold door knob palm 6,5x5,5x4,5cm EHGDKP gold door knob deer 6,5x5x5,5cm EHGDKH 144

ACCESSORIES Decoration bell deer 8x8x15cm GNBLH bell antler 7x7x20cm KGBG GNBDH10 / 15 / 20 Small / large EHHSK / G crown fleur de lis 15x15x23cm ABKRFL medium / large CISM / G magnifying glass brown 27x10cm EHGVB crown sun 19x19x29cm ABKRZN dachshund 9cm EHDD magnifying glass black 27x10cm EHGVGZ crown silver large 43cm KGKRG 5x4,5x2cm GNKPA / G 145

HOOKS Decoration vintage copper coat rack leaf 28cm EHVKHB28 vintage copper coat rack butterfly 18cm EHVKHV18 vintage copper coat rack bee 22cm EHVKHB22 vintage copper coat rack feather 31cm EHVKHV31 vintage copper coat rack crown 20cm EHVKHK20 hook monkey gold 13x9x3cm EHGHKA hook tiger gold 11x5x5cm EHGHKT hook lion gold 12x7x5cm EHGHL 146

HOOKS Decoration hook bee 8x4x3cm EHHJB hook edelweiss 6x3x11cm EHHGEW hook heart 8x3x13cm EHHGHRT hook wild boar 15x6x8cm EHHWZ hook sheep 5x9x11cm GNHKS hook bull 14x9x19cm ABHST 147

HOOKS Decoration hook horse forward 5x9x10cm ABHPD hook ram 15x6x1cm EHHRRM hook sheep head 6x11,5x19cm GNHKSK hook capricorn 5,5x9x20cm ABHSB hook capricorn 20x6x8cm EHHRSB hook deer 19x7x11cm EHHRSH coat rack capricorn 9x9x25cm KGHKSB hook deer 11x33x12cm KGHKRD coat rack fallow deer 18x12x36cm KGHKDH hook red deer 9x7x25cm KGHKEH hook deer 15x10x20cm ABHH coat rack classic barok 6x11x24cm EHHMK 148

COAT RACKS Decoration ABK1HK / 3HK / 5HK coat rack 5 hanger 40x26x5cm EHKS5HH coat rack 5 high ................cm ABWK5H coat rack 3 deer heads 17x7x36cm EHHR3HK coat rack 3 deer heads 36x7x17cm ABK3H coat rack antlers 4 17x8x41cm EHKSG4 coat rack red deer 39x17x49cm KGKSEH mannequin reindeer 220cm KGPPR coat rack 56x56x184,5cm ABK coat rack vintage 5 81x25x10cm KHKSHS coat rack twig 5 73x12x13cm HFTK5 coat rack wood antlers 20x13x13cm / 60x14x12cm EHKSHG2 / 6 149

PHOTO FRAMES Decoration 10x10 / 12x12cm CIFLB10 / 12 19x19 / 24x19cm CIFHLVK / RH 15x10 / 18x12cm CIFLMH1510 / 1813 10x15 / 13x18cm MHFLKHB1510 / 1813 10x15 / 13x18cm MHFLKHZ1510 / 1813 10x15 / 13x18cm MHFLKG1510 / 1813 10x15 / 13x18cm MHFLKBB1510 / 1813 10x15 / 13x18cm MHFLKBZ1510 / 1813 10x15 / 13x18cm MHFLKBG1510 / 1813 15x10 / 18x13cm OMFLKB1510 / 1813 10x15 / 18x13cm OMFLKZW1510 / 1813 15x10 / 18x13cm OMFLKG1510 / 1813 150

PHOTO FRAMES Decoration 10x15 / 12x17cm RNFLHN10 / 12 15x20 / 20x25cm RNFLHN15 / 20 black frame set of 3 RNLSZ 17x22 / 27x35cm RNLZW17 / 27 17x22 / 27x35cm RNLZH17 / 27 17x22 / 27x35cm RNLZZ17 / 275N 151

DOORSTOPS Decoration doorstop velvet blue ginko 17x10x18cm DCDSFG doorstop velvet palm tree black 17x10x18cm DCDSFPZ doorstop velvet palm tree white 17x10x18cm DCDSFPW doorstop velvet leopard 17x10x18cm DCDSFP doorstop velvet powder pink 17x10x18cm DCDSFR doorstop velvet baby blue 17x10x18cm DCDSFB doorstop velvet honey 17x10x18cm DCFGDSHG doorstop velvet petrol 17x10x18cm DCFGDSPT doorstop velvet navy 17x10x18cm DCFGDSNV doorstop velvet orange 17x10x18cm DCFGDSOR doorstop velvet copper 17x10x18cm DCDSFGL doorstop velvet gold 17x10x18cm DCDSFBR 152

DOORSTOPS Decoration doorstop velvet gibbons 17x10x18cm DCDSFJG doorstopper velvet elephant 17x10x18cm DCDSFJO doorstopper velvet zebra 17x10x18cm DCDSFJT doorstop velvet moss-green 17x10x18cm DCDSFGR doorstop velvet apple green 17x10x18cm DCFGDSAG doorstop velvet grey green 17x10x18cm DCDSFBG doorstop velvet black 17x10x18cm DCDSFZ doorstop rabbit 15x4x11cm KGDSKN doorstop cat 15x4x11cm KGDSKT doorstop deer 5x21x8cm KGDSHT doorstop bee 14x9x8cm EHDSBI doorstop cow cylinder 20x20x20cm KHDSKC 153

TABLE DECORATION Decoration DCFPO19 / 25 / 28 26 / 36cm DCFAG32 / 33 26 / 36cm DCFAT26 / 36 velvet mushroom rust 10cm DCFCO velvet mushroom beige 10cm DCFCB velvet mushroom brown 10cm DCFCBR velvet mushroom green 10cm DCFCP 154

HORNS, TROPHIES & ANTLERS Decoration 25 / 35cm HEH25 / 35 35 / 45 / 55 / 65cm HEHH35 / 45 / 55 / 65 HEHHR30 / 45 / 65 45 / 55cm HEH45 / 55 horn 25cm HEHHB25 stag red deer 50/75x25cm CCASEHA trophy fox 35x23x26cm CCTV trophy wild boar 38x60x46cm CCTWZ antler reindeer 46x22x32cm CCASRD trophy skull roebuck on wood 15x20x5cm CCRG trophy roebuck 17x36x60cm CCTR stag fallow deer 50/75x25cm CCASDHA 155


PLACEMATS & COASTERS In the kitchen also in black jute coaster fringes 10cm JHJOZF jute placemat fringes 43cm JHJPMF Ø10cm JHJOZ /DEOZRZ also in black also in naturel Ø43cm 35x50cm JHJPM / DEPRZ43 DEPOZ3550 / JHJPMO seagrass placemat Ø50cm MKZPMR seagrass placemat open Ø40cm MKZPO seagrass placemat open flower Ø40cm MKZPOB seagrass placemat natural Ø38cm MKZPRN jute placemat big heart 60x45cm JHJPMGH seagrass placemat dessin Ø40cm MKZPRD seagrass placemat black Ø38cm MKZPRZ 157

PLACEMATS In the kitchen cow placemat brown 37x39cm MHPMHKB cow placemat black 37x39cm MHPMHKZ cow placemat grey 37x39cm MHPMHKG cow placemat brown 30x40cm MHPMRHBW cow placemat black 30x40cm MHPMRHZW cow placemat grey 30x40cm MHPMRHG cow placemat brown/white Ø38cm cow placemat black/white Ø38cm MHPMRDBW MHPMRDZW cow placemat grey Ø38cm MHPMRDG cow placemat brown 30x48cm MHPMKVBW cow placemat black 30x48cm MHPMKVZW cow placemat grey 30x48cm MHPMKVG 158

COASTERS In the kitchen cow coaster brown 14cm cow coaster black 14cm MHOZHKB MHOZHKZ cow coaster grey 14cm MHOZHKG cow coaster brown 9x9cm cow coaster black 9x9cm MHOZVKBW MHOZVKZW cow coaster grey 9x9cm MHOZVKG cow coaster brown Ø9cm cow coaster black Ø9cm MHOZRDBW MHOZRDZW cow coaster grey Ø9cm MHOZRDG cow coaster brown 11cm cow coaster black 11cm MHOZKVBW MHOZKVZW cow coaster grey 11cm MHOZKVG 159

COASTERS / PLACEMATS In the kitchen cow coaster leopard 14cm cow coaster zebra 14cm MHOZHKL MHOZHKZE cow coaster giraf 14cm MHOZHKGF cow coaster leopard 9x9cm cow coaster zebra 9x9cm MHLPOZV MHZBOZV cow placemat zebra 30x40cm MHZBPR cow coaster leopard 11cm cow coaster zebra 11cm MHLPOZK MHZBOZK cow placemat leopard 30x40cm MHLPPR cow placemat leopard 30x48cm MHLPPK cow placemat zebra 30x48cm MHZBPK 160

COASTER SET In the kitchen coaster heart brown set of 4 MHOZKHB coaster heart black set of 4 MHOZKHZ coaster heart grey set of 4 MHOZKHG coaster square brown set of 4 MHOZVB coaster square black set of 4 MHOZVZ coaster square grey set of 4 MHOZVG coaster round brown set of 4 MHOZRB coaster round black set of 4 MHOZRZ coaster round grey set of 4 MHOZRG 161

PLACEMATS In the kitchen placemat japanese garden set of 4 SCPMJT placemat rabbit stretched hind liges set of 4 SCPMKGA placemat red deer famliy set of 4 SCPMEHF placemat jungle in fog set of 4 SCPMJM placemat flowers and fruit set of 4 SCPMBF placemat leopard set of 4 SCPMLP placemat nature hydrangea set of 4 SCPMH placemat jan davidszoon set of 4 SCPMJDH placemat vintage roses set of 4 SCPMVR placemat nature ornamental grass set of 4 SCPMNSG placemat nature hogweed set of 4 SCPMNB placemat hogweed dark set of 4 SCPMBD 162

PLACEMATS In the kitchen placemat zebras set of 4 SCPMZB placemat sheep curious set of 4 SCPMSN placemat sheep and lamb set of 4 SCPMSL placemat sheep set of 4 SCPMSP placemat 3 sheep set of 4 SCPM3S placemat ram horns set of 4 SCPMRM placemat jungle petrol set of 4 SCPMJP placemat jungle white set of 4 SCPMJW placemat 2 donkeys set of 4 SCPM2E placemat garden birds set of 4 SCPMTV placemat butterflies set of 4 SCPMVL placemat baby goats set of 4 SCPMDG 163

PLACEMATS In the kitchen placemat dachshund set of 4 SCPMTK placemat pug & french bulldog set of 4 SCPMMF placemat labradors set of 4 SCPMLB placemat chihuahua’s set of 4 SCPMCH placemat rabbits set of 4 SCPMKN placemat kitten laying set of 4 SCPMKT placemat swiss cow set of 4 SCPMZK placemat calf in stable set of 4 SCPMKS placemat swiss cow 30x40cm RAPMZK placemat winter deer set of 4 SCPMWH placemat black deer set of 4 SCPMZH placemat 2 roe set of 4 SCPM2R 164

PLACEMATS In the kitchen placemat fir branches set of 4 SCPMDT placemat pine cones set of 4 SCPMDA placemat tartan set of 4 SCPMTT placemat heart twig set of 4 SCPMHT placemat wood set of 4 SCPMHB placemat heart wood set of 4 SCPMHH placemat trunk tree grey hearts set of 4 SCPMBHS placemat old wood set of 4 SCPMOH placemat wooden heart 30x40cm RAPMSHH 165

COASTERS In the kitchen coaster japanese garden set of 4 SCOZJT coaster rabbit stretched hind liges set of 4 SCOZKGA coaster red deer famliy set of 4 SCOZEHF coaster jungle in fog set of 6 SCOZJM coaster flowers and fruit set of 6 SCOZBF coaster leopard set of 6 SCOZLP coaster nature hydrangea set of 6 SCOZNH coaster jan davidszoon set of 6 SCOZJDH coaster vintage roses set of 6 SCOZVR coaster nature ornamental grass set of 6 SCOZNSG coaster nature hogweed set of 6 SCOZNB coaster hogweed dark set of 6 SCOZBD 166

COASTERS In the kitchen coaster zebras set of 6 SCOZZB coaster sheep curious set of 6 SCOZSN coaster sheep and lamb set of 6 SCOZSL coaster swiss cow set of 6 SCOZZK coaster calf in stable set of 6 SCOZKS coaster donkey set of 6 SCOZ2E placemat jungle petrol set of 6 SCOZJP placemat jungle white set of 6 SCOZJW coaster dwarf goats set of 6 SCOZDG coaster garden birds set of 6 SCOZTV coaster butterflies set of 6 SCOZVL 167

COASTERS In the kitchen coaster dachshund set of 6 SCOZTK coaster pug & french bulldog set of 6 SCOZMF coaster labrador set of 6 SCOZLB coaster chihuahuas set of 6 SCOZCH coaster rabbit set of 6 SCOZKN coaster kitten set of 6 SCOZKT coaster sheep set of 6 SCOZSP coaster 3 sheep set of 6 SCOZ3S coaster 2 wolf set of 6 SCOZ2W 168

COASTERS In the kitchen coaster heart twig set of 6 SCOZHT coaster wood set of 6 SCOZHB coaster heart wood set of 6 SCOZHH coaster grey hearts set of 6 SCOZBHS coaster old wood set of 6 SCOZOH coaster herbs set of 6 SCOZKD coaster fir branches set of 6 SCOZDT coaster pine cones set of 6 SCOZDA coaster tartan set of 6 SCOZTT coaster winter deer set of 6 SCOZWH coaster black deer set of 6 SCOZZH coaster 2 roe set of 6 SCOZ2R 169


PORCELAIN In the kitchen cup red deer 400cc SCBBZK 19 / 27cm SCBOZK/ SCBDZK bowl red deer 8cm SCBSZK cup jungle white 400cc SCBBJW cupp garden birds 400cc SCBBTV cup butterflies 400cc SCBBVL cup swiss cow 400cc SCBBEH 19 / 27cm SCBOEH / SCBDEH bowl swiss cow 8cm SCBBSEH 171

TRAYS In the kitchen tray square cow brown set of 3 MHDRHB tray square cow black set of 3 MHDRHZ tray square cow grey set of 3 MHDRHG tray round cow brown set of 3 MHDROB tray round cow black set of 3 MHDROZ tray round cow grey set of 3 MHDROG 172

VISIT US IN PARIS! Maison et Objet, september of 2022 You can find Mars & More at Maison et Objet in Paris in September of 2022. At our unique stand you can look at our extensive range of products and even order them directly when you are there. We are also there to have a chat with you and answer your questions. See you in Paris! 173

ETAGÈRES In the kitchen serving stand gold round 2 tiers 38cm MGKEG2R serving stand gold round 3 tiers 48cm MGKEG3R serving stand gold round 2 tiers 98cm MGEG3R serving stand gold round 5 tiers 170cm MGEG5R servingstand wood 1 tiers MGKEH1R servingstand wood 2 tiers MGKEH2R servingstand wood 2 tiers servingstand wood 3 tiers MGEH2R MGEH3R servingstand wood 3 tiers MGKEH3R servingstand wood 4 tiers servingstand wood 5 tiers MGEH4R MGEH5R wooden bowls heart set of 3 HFHSH 174

TRAYS, SERVING STAND & BOWLS In the kitchen serving stand round 34cm serving stand square 34cm MGKE2R MGKE2V serving stand oval 34cm MGKE2O 2 tiers / 3 tiers MGE2R / MGE3R 4 tiers / 5 tiers MGE4R / MGE5R HEP30 / 40 / 50 22 / 27cm HEDBSRD22 / 27 tray silver look oval 31x20cm HEDBSOV31X20 tray silver look 42x13cm HEDBSLW42X13 GNSHHH21 / 25 / 33 KGSHK / M / G bowl deer oval 62cm GNSHHO 175

These kitchen accessories are made from real mango wood. This type of wood is very strong, sustainable and has a warm color tone. Also it is 100% Foodsafe! 176

KITCHEN ACCESSOIRES In the kitchen 30 / 35 cm CISBH30 / 35 choppingboard mango wood leg 40cm CISHRP40 60 / 75cm CISPP60 / 75 CISPV25 / 30 / 40 17 / 22cm CISHR17 / 22 chopping board mango wood 25cm CISHR25 15 / 20cm CIK15 / 20 CIPH12 / 15 / 18 storage jar with lid mango wood 30cm CIVPM30 38 / 51cm CISV38 / 51 CISH25 / 30 / 35 CISP30 / 35/ 40 177

KITCHEN ACCESSOIRES In the kitchen cutlery mango wood spoon point CIBLP cutlery mango wood round spoon short CIBRLK cutlery mango wood round spoon long CIBRLL cutlery mango wood scoop CIBS cutlery mango wood lettuce fork CIBSL cutlery mango wood lettuce spoon CIBSV napkin ring cow brown 5cm napkin ring cow black 5cm MHSRB MHSRZ napkin ring cow grey 5cm MHSRG bamboo food protector 37cm MKBVK bamboo food protector (set of 3) MKBVKB apron swiss cow GKSTZK 178

KITCHEN ACCESSOIRES In the kitchen 30 / 35cm CISHG30 / 35 40 / 45cm CISHG40 / 45 35 / 41cm CISHH35 / 41 10 / 13 cm CISHMH10 / 13 15 / 20cm CISHMH15 / 20 bowl mango wood 25cm CISHMH25 179

WINE ACCESSOIRES In the kitchen bottle stopper bee 8x3x14cm EHWSB bottle stopper fleur de lis 16x6x3cm EHWDFL bottle stopper dachshund 5x5x11cm KGWDTK bottle stopper wild boar 8x3x14cm EHWDWZ bottle stopper deer smooth 6x6x20cm KGWDHG bottle stopper caribou 6x5x17cm KGWDKB bottle stopper deer 5x4x14cm KGWDHT bottle stopper deer 14x6x3cm EHWDHK bottle opener fleur de lis 13cm EHFOFL bottle opener deer 6x6x19cm KGFOHT bottle opener antler 17x1x7cm EHFOG bottle opener antler deer 35x10x1cm CCFOG 180

WINE ACCESSOIRES In the kitchen wine cooler cow brown 23cm wine cooler cow black 23cm MGWKKB MGWKKZ wine cooler cow grey 23cm MGWKKG champagne cooler 55cm champagne cooler 77cm ABWSH55 ABWSH77 wine cooler deer antlers 94cm KGWKHG94 champagne cooler deer 20cm HECKH wine cooler deer 24cm KGWKHT wine cooler deer 33cm GNWKH33 wine cooler deer 72cm KGVSH champagne cooler 33cm GNCKH wine cooler deer 43cm GNWKH43 181

LAPTRAYS ® In the kitchen laptray japanese garden 43x33cm RNLTJT laptray rabbit stretched hind legs 43x33cm RNLTKGA laptray wooden plank 43x33cm RNLTHP laptray marble white 43x33cm RNLTMW laptray flowers en fruit 43x33cm RNLTBL laptray leapard 43x33cm RNLTLP 182

LAPTRAYS ® In the kitchen laptray heart all over 43x33cm RNLTHAO laptray scaffolding wood 43x33cm RNLTSH laptray fireplace wood 43x33cm RNLTOH laptray vintage roses 43x33cm RNLTVR laptray nature hogweed 43x33cm RNLTNB laptray hogweed dark 43x33cm RNLTBKD laptray jungle white 43x33cm RNLTJW laptray jungle petrol 43x33cm RNLTJP laptray jungle black 43x33cm RNLTJZ laptray wooden heart 43x33cm RNLTHH laptray hearts twig 43x33cm RNLTHT laptray grey hearts 43x33cm RNLTBHS 183

LAPTRAYS ® In the kitchen laptray dachshund laying 43x33cm RNLTTLG laptray french bulldog 43x33cm RNLTFRB laptray lying rabbit 43x33cm RNLTLK laptray kittens 43x33cm RNLTKT laptray 2 donkeys 43x33cm RNLT2EZ laptray hedgehog 43x33cm RNLTEG laptray swiss cow 43x33cm RNLTZK laptray fir branches 43x33cm RNLTDT laptray blackwatch 43x33cm RNLTBW laptray pine cones 43x33cm RNLTDA laptray black deer 43x33cm RNLTZW laptray winter deer 43x33cm RNLTWH 184

WASHABLE DOORMATS ® In the kitchen doormat japanese garden 75x50cm RARMJT doormat rabbit stretched hind legs 75x50cm RARMKGA doormat monstera 75x50cm RARMM doormat black bull 75x50cm RARMZS doormat black fallow deer 75x50cm RARMZDH doormat flowers and fruit 75x50cm RARMBF No more dirty shoes inside the house! This beautiful doormat is machine washable at 30°C. Our doormats look amazing on wooden, stone, PVC and laminate flooring. Our mats have been finished with a practical anti-slip layer on the back. Only suitable for indoor use. 185

WASHABLE DOORMATS ® In the kitchen doormat jungle in fog 75x50cm RARMJM doormat hogweed dark 75x50cm RARMNBD doormat leopard 75x50cm RARMLPR doormat nature hydrangea 75x50cm RARMNHS doormat birds grey 75x50cm RARMVGG doormat vintage roses 75x50cm RARMVRS doormat nature ornamental grass 75x50cm RARMNSG doormat wood 75x50cm RARMOH doormat heart home 75x50cm RARMHHM doormat grey 75x50cm RARMBHS doormat heart wood 75x50cm RARMSHH doormat heart twigs 75x50cm RARMHTW 186

WASHABLE DOORMATS ® In the kitchen doormat sheep with horns 75x50cm RARMSHN doormat sheep curious 75x50cm RARMSN doormat 2 donkeys 75x50cm RARM2EZ doormat jungle grey 75x50cm RARMJW doormat jungle petrol 75x50cm RARMJP doormat jungle black 75x50cm RARMJZ doormat calf in stable 75x50cm RARMKST doormat swiss cow 75x50cm RARMSCW doormat dachshund sitting 75x50cm RARMTZ doormat cat 75x50cm RARMGTL doormat rabbit 75x50cm RARMGBK doormat hedgehog 75x50cm RARMGEG 187

WASHABLE DOORMATS ® In the kitchen doormat french bulldog 75x50cm RARMHFB doormat englisch bulldog 75x50cm RARMHEB doormat chihuahua 75x50cm RARM2CH doormat snow flock cerf 75x50cm RARMSNRH doormat winter deer 75x50cm RARMWD doormat black red deer 75x50cm RARMZEH doormat pine cones 75x50cm RARMDAP doormat tartan 75x50cm RARMTT doormat fir branches 75x50cm RARMDT 188

COIR DOORMATS ® In the kitchen coir doormat dachshund black 75x45cm KMHGRTZ handwave 3 cats black 75x45cm KMHG3CB coir doormat hotel mama 75x45cm KMHGHM coir doormat handmade welcome 75x45cm KMHGWH coir doormat hello black 75x45cm KMHGHLZ coir doormat panther 75x45cm KMHGPT 189

COIR DOORMATS ® In the kitchen coir doormat après 75x45cm KMHGAS coir doormat keep calm 75x45cm KMHGKC coir doormat bienvenue 75x45cm KMHGBV coir doormat handmade antlers 75x45cm KMHGG coir doormat deer home 75x45cm KMHGHH coir doormat fleur 75x45cm KMHGFLB 190

COIR DOORMATS ® In the kitchen coir doormat capricorn 75x45cm KMHGSG coir doormat deer 75x45cm KMHGHS coir doormat lis red 75x45cm KMHGFLRR coir doormat acorns 75x45cm KMHGLA coir doormat mushroom 75x45cm KMHGLM coir doormat 3 topiary 75x45cm KMHG3T coir doormat hello goodbye 75x45cm KMMHG coir doormat home heart 75x45cm KMMHH coir doormat hearts allover 75x45cm KMMHA coir doormat zuhause 75x45cm KMMZU coir doormat heimat 75x45cm KMMHM coir doormat servus 75x45cm KMMSV 191

ANIMAL ACCESSORIES animal basket bear white 55x42x15cm FXDMBW animal basket bear beige 55x42x15cm FXDMBB animal basket bear grey 55x42x15cm FXDMBGR 192

food bowl bone Small / Large EHVBKL / EHVBG food bowl cat 18x18x15cm EHVBK food bowl dog 21x21x18cm EHVBH 193


NATURAL BAGS Fashion straw crossbody bag round Ø25cm MASCR straw shopping bag large 48cm MASBG straw beach bag golden heart 46cm MASSG straw picnic basket 26x36cm MASPM straw backpack 46cm MASRT straw shopping bag set of 3 MASBR3 jute bag round Ø35cm JHJTSR jute crossbody bag envelope 30x20cm RCJCBEW seagrass bag 32x25cm MKWHT seagrass bag 48x30cm MKZHTWN seagrass bag 48x30cm MKZHTZN 195

FANNY PACK Fashion fanny pack orange 34x14x9cm SOHTOR fanny pack yellow 34x14x9cm SOHTGL fanny pack green 34x14x9cm SOHTGR fanny pack pink 34x14x9cm SOHTRS fanny pack blue 34x14x9cm SOHTBL fanny pack black 34x14x9cm SOHTPR fanny pack lamb beige Ø35cm IVHTLB fanny pack cow brown/white 22x15cm MHHPKB fanny pack cow black/white 22x15cm MHHPKZ 196

LOOKBOOK MARS & MORE online mediabox Our mediabox is an online lookbook we have put together specially for our customers. In the lookbook you can find all kinds of photos of our collection to get some inspiration. And the best part: you can use them for free! You can download all the photos directly from your own account 1. Login with your account 2. On the ‘‘my account page, click on Lookbook’’ 3. Click on ‘‘Lookbook Mars & More’’ 4. Download any photo you want. 197

BAGS Fashion shoulder bag with wallet cheetah 41x14x55cm IVSTPC gym bag cow brown/white 45x23cm MHSTKB gym bag cow black/white 45x23cm MHSTKZ handbag cow brown 40x30cm MHSTKHB handbag cow tricolore 38x30cm MHSTKHTR backpack cow brown 30x39cm MHRTKB crossbody bag brown cow 24x26cm KHBKCB26 crossbody bag deer cow brown 24x21cm MHCBHB crossbody bag deer cow black 24x21cm MHCBHZ handbag cow black 33x30cm MHHTKHZ vintage clutch cow 21x16cm KHHPTKLW crossbody cow black 32x15cm MHSTKHZW 198

CROSSBODY BAGS Fashion crossbody bag cow black 18x19cm IVCBCZW crossbody bag crocodile black 19x14cm IVCBCBZW crossbody bag cow brown 23x17cm IVCBVKB crossbody bag cow grey 23x17cm IVCBVKG crossbody bag cow black 23x17cm IVCBVKZ crossbody bag cow silver 23x17cm IVCBVKZL crossbody bag deer 23x17cm IVCBVH crossbody bag zebra 23x17cm IVCBVZ crossbody bag panther 23x17cm IVCBVP crossbody bag deer 18x24cm IVCBHH crossbody bag zebra 18x24cm IVCBHZ crossbody bag panther 18x24cm IVCBHP 199

CROSSBODY BAGS Fashion crossbody bag leopard 22x27cm IVCBRB crossbody bag black giraffe 22x27cm IVCBRZ bag square black giraffe 24x26cm IVCBVZG crossbody bag panther black/brown 16,5x23cm IVCBEBG / ZG crossbody bag giraffe 16,5x23cm IVCBEBL bag square beige panther 24x26cm IVCBVBP canvas shopper swiss calf 44x40cm GKTSZK handbag swiss cow 42x49cm GKTSZW handbag swiss cow 30x32cm GKHTWZK canvas shopper black deer 44x40cm GKTSZH crossbody bag rabbit white 22x16cm IVCBKWG crossbody bag rabbit grey 22x16cm IVCBKGS 200

crossbody bag lamb fur beige 20x15cm IVCBLB 201

WALLETS/CLUTCH/TOILETRY Fashion pouch round cow brown 10cm IVETRKB pouch round cow black 10cm IVETRKZ pouch round cow grey 10cm IVETRKG wallet cow brown 20x12cm MHPTB wallet cow black 20x12cm MHPTZ wallet cow grey 20x12cm MHPTG vintage wristbag cow 29x18cm KHPTK make up bag croco black 15x12cm IVMUCZW pouch with cord brown heart 22x16cm IVEKHAB clutch cow black 26x17cm MHCLKHZ make up bag cow grey 15x12cm IVMUKG pouch with cord black deer 22x16cm IVEKHEZ 202

TOILETRY Fashion make up bag heart brown 15x12cm IVMUHKB make up bag heart black 15x12cm IVMUHKZ make up bag heart beige 15x12cm IVMUHKBG make up bag bull brown 15x12cm IVMUKBR make up bag bull black 15x12cm IVMUKZW make up bag bull beige 15x12cm IVMUKBG make up bag deer 15x12cm IVMUH make up bag tiger 15x12cm IVMUT make up bag giraffe 15x12cm IVMUG make up bag natural brown 15x12cm IVMUKB make up bag natural black 15x12cm IVMUKZ make up bag leopard 15x12cm IVMULP 203

TOILETRY Fashion makeup bag velvet blue ginko 17x15cm DCMUFG pouch lamb fur beige 25x19cm IVETLB make up bag croco black 24x14cm IVETCZW pouch cow brown 22x16cm IVETKB pouch cow grey 22x16cm IVETKGR pouch leopard natural black 22x16cm IVETKZ pouch tiger 22x16cm IVETT pouch leopard 22x16cm IVETLP pouch deer 22x16cm IVETH pouch giraffe 22x16cm IVETG 204

TOILETRY Fashion pouch heart brown 22x16cm IVETHB pouch heart black 22x16cm IVETHZ pouch heart silver 22x16cm IVETHZW pouch bull head brown 22x16cm IVETKBR pouch bull head black 22x16cm IVETKZW pouch bull head silver 22x16cm IVETKZV pouch red deer brown 22x16cm IVETEHB pouch red deer black 22x16cm IVETEHZ pouch red deer silver 22x16cm IVETEHZV make up bag rabbit white gold/ grey 15x12cm IVMUKWG make up bag rabbit white grey 15x12cm IVMUKGS rabbit pouch or make up bag 22x16cm IVETKWG 205

KEYCHAINS Fashion 9 / 11cm 9 / 11cm MHSHHLS / M MHSHHZES / M 9 / 11cm MHSHG9 / 11 9 / 11cm 9 / 11cm MHSHHBS / M MHSHHZS / M 9 / 11cm MHSHHGS / M keychain mini heart brown 5x5cm IVSHMHB keychain mini heart black 5x5cm IVSHMHZ keychain mini heart grey 5x5cm IVSHMKG keychain 3 hearts brown 12x9cm IVSH3HB keychain 3 hearts black 12x9cm IVSH3HZ keychain 3 hearts grey 12x9cm IVSH3HG 206

KEYCHAINS Fashion keychain heart panther 10x10cm IVSHHPA keychain heart zebra 10x10cm IVSHHZ keychain heart deer 10x10cm IVSHHH keychain heart brown 10x10cm IVSHKB keychain heart black 10x10cm IVSHKZ keychain heart grey 10x10cm IVSHKGR keychain house cow brown 10x7cm IVSHHSB keychain house cow black 10x7cm IVSHHSZ keychain house cow grey 10x7cm IVSHHSG keychain bull head brown 10x10cm IVSHKK keychain bull head black 10x10cm IVSHKZT keychain bull head silver 10x10cm IVSHKZR 207

KEYCHAINS Fashion keychain butterfly brown white 10,5x7cm IVSHVBW keychain butterfly panther 10,5x7cm IVSHVLP keychain butterfly zebra 10,5x7cm IVSHVZB keychain pouch brown white 11x7cm IVSHEBW keychain pouch panther 11x7cm IVSHELP keychain pouch zebra 11x7cm IVSHEZB keychain man brown 9,5x2,3cm IVSHMNBR keychain man black 9,5x2,3cm IVSHMNZW keychain man grey 9,5x2,3cm IVSHMNGR keychain deer brown 11x10cm MHSHDBM keychain deer black 11x10cm MHSHDZM keychain deer grey 11x10cm MHSHDGM 208

KEYCHAINS Fashion pom pom white 13,5cm QXPPW pom pom brown 13,5cm QXPPB pom pom grey 13,5cm QXPPG keychain deer antler 12,5x2,5cm CCSHGR keychain deer antler silver 15x2cm CCSHHT 209

CASH & CARRY’S In four countries Trends & Trade - Floralaan 31 | 5928 RD Venlo Located in the south of the Netherlands, Trends and Trade is an ideal shopping center for people from the south of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. TICA - Randweg 155 | 1422 ND Uithoorn TICA is a perfect B2B Cash & Carry shopping center, located a stone’s throw away from the flower auction. At our updated booth with even more m2, even more inspiration and even more experiences, you will find our fixed collection, as well as a diverse and varying range of home-deco items. Van Remoortel - Schrijberg 189 – 193 | 9111 Belsele With over 10,000 m2, Van Remoortel is the most complete lifestyle shopping center of Belgium and Northern France. At our booth you will find the latest trends, various styles, and an extensive and diverse range. Trade Mart Brussels - Atoniumsquare 1 | 1020 Brussels Trade Mart Brussels is the biggest experience platform for retail professionals in the Benelux. You will find inspiration for the new season here, but you can also go to Brussels for the most recent trends. Trend- & Blumenbörse Luzern - Florastrassse 12 | 6014 Luzern Since 2019, you will also find the range of Mars & More in Luzern, Switzerland. Right when you enter, you will see our comprehensive booth. Our collection consists of 1,000 items, which you can take from our stock right away. Zürcher Blumenbörse - Förliwiesenstrasse 4 | 8602 Wangen Our second cash & carry in Switzerland is located in Zurich. In the largest city in the country you will find 200 suppliers under one roof, with an extensive range of home accessories. In addition, this cash & carry is also known for its wide range of flowers and plants. Sell It Nord - Kornkamp 34-46 | 22926 Ahrenburg Sell It is the first professional B2B Cash & Carry in Northern Germany. Thanks to a large number of exhibitors, Mars & More being one of them, you will find all the current trends and inspiration here. Haus der Trends - Systemformstraße 5 | 83209 Prien am Chiemsee Trendhaus Alpensee is focused on specialized retailers with a selected range. At the Mars & More booth you will find an exclusive selection of the best seasonal products. Look for more information on our website: www.marsmore.com/cash-carry 210

Sell it Nord Tica Trends & Trade Van Remoortel Trade Mart Brussels Haus der Trends Zürcher Blumenbörse Trend- & Blumenbörse Trends & Trade Floralaan 31 5928 RD Venlo Van Remoortel Schrijberg 189 – 193 9111 Belsele TICA Randweg 155 1422 ND Uithoorn Trade Mart Brussels Atoniumsquare 1 1020 Brussels Haus der Trends Systemformstraße 5 83209 Prien am Chiemsee Sell It Nord Kornkamp 34-46 22926 Ahrenburg Trend- & Blumenbörse Florastrassse 12 6014 Luzern Zürcher Blumenbörse Förliwiesenstrasse 4 8602 Wangen 211

ACCESSOIRES/SCARF Fashion bracelet cow brown 40cm IVABKB bracelet cow black 40cm IVABKZ bracelet cow giraffe 40cm IVABKG scarf sheared sheep sand 110x15cm QXSSGS scarf sheared sheep black 110x15cm QXSSGZ scarf sheared sheep grey 110x15cm QXSSGG scarf sheared sheep white 110x15cm QXSSGW 212

SHOE-HORNS Fashion shoe-horn dog 50x5cm ABSLH shoe-horn skull bull 55x5cm ABSLSS shoe-horn golf club 53x5cm ABSLGC shoe-horn moose 55x5cm ABSLEL shoe-horn red deer 55x5cm ABSLEH shoe-horn antler 52x5cm ABSLMG shoe-horn duck 52x5cm ABSLME shoe-horn deer 52x5cm ABSLMH shoe-horn fleur de lis 52x5cm ABSLFL shoe-horn hare 52x5cm EHSLHS shoe-horn golf 52x5cm EHSLGF shoe-horn wild boar 52x5cm EHSLWZ 213

SHOE-HORNS Fashion shoe-horn dachhund 52x5cm EHSLTK shoe-horn capricorn 52x5cm EHSLSB shoe-horn deer 52x5cm EHSLHT shoe-horn horse 52x5cm EHSLPD shoe-horn cow 52x5cm EHSLKO 214

UMBRELLAS Fashion scaffold wood puppies Ø105cm BBPSHPP scaffold wood kittens Ø105cm BBPKSG wood heart Ø105cm BBPHH jungle petrol Ø105cm BBPJP jungle grey Ø105cm BBPJW jungle black Ø105cm BBPJZ fir branches Ø105cm BBPBL jan daviszoon de heem Ø105cm BBPJDH fir branches Ø105cm BBPDT st. bernard Ø105cm BBPSB wood donkey Ø105cm BBPHSEZ leopard Ø105cm BBPLP 215

UMBRELLAS Fashion labrador brown Ø105cm BBPLC teak dachshund laying Ø105cm BBPTTL sheep Ø105cm BBPSP wild boar Ø105cm BBPWZN tabby laying Ø105cm BBPTL kitten maincoon Ø105cm BBPKMC alpine cow Ø105cm BBPAK wood swiss cow Ø105cm BBPHZK calf in stable Ø105cm BBPKST black deer Ø105cm BBPZH amsterdam Ø105cm BBPAM mont blanc Ø105cm BBPMBL 216


KIDS ROOM rocking animal sheep white or grey 75x30x53 cm QXHDSW / QXHDLB 218

PLUCHE Kids room cuddle toy grey chicken QTLHHG21 / 29 QTLHU18 / 25 / 33 QTLHS18 / 28 / 43 QTFS20 / 30 / 45 QTFH20 / 30 / 45 cuddly toy funky cow 32cm QTFK32 cuddly toy cushion chicken 33cm cuddly toy cushion cow 33cm QTKSKP33 QTKSKO33 cuddly toy cushion bunny 33cm QTKSKN33 cuddly toy sheep QTZSM / L cuddly toy cow QTZKK / M JCSGS25 / 33 /40 219

PLUCHE Kids room cuddly toy sitting duck 27cm QTWZE cuddly toy cushion white polar bear 55cm QTKWIJ cuddly toy cushion brown dog 55cm QTKBH 15 / 35cm JCKK15 / 35 cuddly toy sleeping teddy 35cm JCST cuddly toy chamois JCAS15 / 22 220

PLUCHE Kids room cuddly toy brown bear girl 25cm QTBBM cuddly toy brown bear boy 25cm QTBBJ cuddly toy brown dog long nose 40cm QTBHLN cuddly toy white bunny baby 20cm QTWKB cuddly toy beige bunny baby 20cm QTBKB cuddly toy blanket white rabbit 70x100cm QTDWK WCV17 / 22 / 29 cuddly toy sloth 27cm QTLA27 cuddly toy monkey 27cm QTAP27 cuddly toy hare light grey 30cm JCHSLG 20 / 50cm JCOK / G 20 / 50cm JCTSK / G 221

PLUCHE & WALL HEADS Kids room cuddly toy lamb lying 22cm QTLS cuddly toy lamb lying 45cm QTLB 15 / 22cm JCAG15 / 22 cuddly toy sheep grey 22cm JCSGD cuddly toy sleepy sheep 26cm JCSGS 20 / 50cm JCTSZKL / JCTSZG cuddly grey standing rabbit 21cm QTSKK / M / G WCKGZ21 wall head toy moose 30cm QTELK30 21 / 23cm WCKBZ21 / 23 20 / 40cm QTSHKB20 / 40 wall head toy deer head 27cm QTHRK27 222

DISPLAYS Promotion material display furs 120x80x80/210cm MMDV get a free fur display with a purchase of at least € 2000 in furs! display mat 65x72x152cm MMDI plate rack 25x14x10cm MMBR display keychains 55x40x19cm MMDSH display cushions 40x40x180cm MMDKS 223

SEPA Direct debit mandate Invoice Company: VAT Number: Cell Phone: E-mail: Address: Website: Postal code: Country: Equal to invoice information Shipping Address: Postal code: Country: Contact Form IBAN Number: BIC SWIFT: By signing this mandate form, you authorize ____MARS & MORE____ to send recurrent collection instructions to your bank to debit your account and your bank to debit your account on a recurrent basis in accordance with the instructions from ____RABOBANK____a This mandate is only for business-to-business transactions. You are not entitled to a refund from your bank after your account has been debited, but you are entitled to request your bank not to debit your account up until the day on which the payment is due. Ask your bank for the conditions. SEPA Place: Subscribe to newsletter Phone: Place: --------------------------------------------Place, Date --------------------------------------------Signature 224

DELIVERY TERMS High service transport After placing your order you want to receive your products as fast as possible! Mars & More is famed for its logistic excellence. Fast, secure and at low cost. Our carriers have to submit to the highest level of service possible. Due to our way of transportation we were able to keep the minimum order amount low. Allowing you to order what you need and minimize your stock. NL / BE / LU DE / AT / FR < € 450,- € 14,95 > € 450,- FRANCO IE / DK / SE / CH / IE / PL / CZ / NO / HU SK / FI / IT < € 450,- + € 45,> € 450,- + 10% Partner countries Export Prices GB / NIR Casa Grande Mr Richard Blundell ES / PT Casa Caracol Maurizia Aspromonte IT / 20-40 Mr. Massimiliano Marinatto HU Incero Kft. Csukonyi Éva Tel: 01752 816181 Fax: 01752 816363 info@casagrande.co.uk www.casagrande.co.uk Tel: +34(0)918619980 Mob: +34(0)691483705 comercial@casacaracol.es www.casacaracol.es Tel: +39 (0)345 896 1995 m.marinatto@virgilio.it Tel: +36 (0)204424524 info@incero.hu www.kertesotthonbolt.hu Other countries contact Mars & More B.V. BACKORDER ONLY > € 100,BACKORDER ONLY > € 200,225

CONTACT We are happy to help Special for you Visit our webstie www.marsmore.com and we will provide you with: • 3% discount for all your online purchases • Detailed product information • See availability of merchandise/stock • Product feed to complete your own webshop • Promotional material: product/ambient photos, logos and more • Discount corner filled with products priced to move Details Mars & More B.V. Voltastraat 30-32 8013 PM Zwolle Netherlands +31 (0)38 460 60 10 sales@marsmore.com You can reach us on weekdays from 8.30 am - 5 pm marsandmore mars_more mars-&-more mars_more


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