Welcome! I always enjoy writing the foreword of our magazine. This time we have some very big news. My wife and I have sold our beautiful company. In this foreword I would like to tell you why and what it means to you. In 1997 Yvonne and I started the company together and nowadays we work daily with more than 25 enthusiastic colleagues. Of course at that moment you also start thinking about securing the future. That is why we started looking for a partner that suits us well and where we mutually can add value. We found that partner in B Living. An ambitious young company that houses a number of well-known brands such as Hakbijl Glas, Blyco Textiel and Linnen & More. With the addition of Mars & More, B Living can offer you an even wider range of products. But there are more advantages! B Living has a beautiful showroom in Hengelo and together with them we can present ourselves at the major international trade fairs. On top of that their extensive sales network of account managers and agents is a great addition for the Mars & More brand. Our input is the extensive knowledge of cash & carry’s, e-commerce and of course our distinctive collections. The further development of these distinctive collections will remain guaranteed as Yvonne and her team will remain responsible in the coming years. I will focus on further expansion of cash & carry’s and the online platform. All in all a lot of new things is happening, but also a lot remains the same. We look forward to meet you again in person at one of the trade fairs. During Spring 2023 we will in any case be present at the Heimtex and Ambiente in Frankfurt. With kind regards, Dick van Raalte CEO Mars & More 18 40 6

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