JUTE CARPETS In the livingroom jute rug knotted More sizes available KMJMG70 jute rug knotted 120cm KMJMG120 jute rug knotted 140cm KMJMG140 jute carpet Ø120 / 170cm DEJMRDZ120 / 170 jute carpet Ø120 / 170cm DEJMRD120 / N170 jute carpet oval 75x45cm DEJDMO jute carpet fringes black Ø120cm jute carpet fringes natural Ø120cm DEJMRDZF120 DEJMRDNF120 seagrass carpet Ø90cm MKZVKR90 jute carpet 60 / 70 / 120cm DEJM60 / 70 / 120 seagrass carpet black stripes 60cm MKZVMZS 130 jute placemat big heart 60cm DEPMGH

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