PLACEMATS & COASTERS In the kitchen jute placemat natural Ø43cm DEPRN43 jute placemat black Ø43cm DEPRZ43 seagrass placemat dessin Ø40cm MKZPRD jute placemat natural 35x50cm DEPO3550 jute placemat black 35x50cm DEPOZ3550 seagrass placemat open Ø40cm MKZPO seagrass placemat natural Ø38cm MKZPRN seagrass placemat black Ø38cm MKZPRZ seagrass placemat Ø50cm MKZPMR jute coaster natural Ø10cm DEOZRN jute coaster black Ø10cm DEOZRZ 146 jute coaster green Ø10cm DEOZRG

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