CUSHIONS & THROWS In the living room cushion lynx winter 45x45cm YMKSLX cushion wolf winter grey 45x45cm YMKSWF cushion panther winter 45x45cm YMKSPW cushion lynx winter 30x50cm YMHKLX cushion wolf winter grey 30x50cm YMHKWF cushion panther winter 30x50cm YMHKPW throw lynx 130x170 / 220x240cm YMTRLX / YMTRLLX throw wolf winter grey 130x170 / 220x240cm YMTRWF / YMTRLWO throw panther winter 130x170 / 220x240cm YMKLPW / YMKLLPW cushion heart lynx 45x45cm YMKSHLX cushion heart panther winter 45x45cm YMKSHWF 33 cushion heart panther winter 45x45cm YMKSHPW

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