CUSHIONS In the living room velvet navy 45x45cm DCFGFN velvet moss green 45x45cm DCFGFM velvet gold 45x45cm DCFGFG velvet grey 45x45cm DCFGFGR velvet taupe 45x45cm DCFGFT cushion velvet/fur silver 45x45 / 45x35cm DCKSFBZ / DCHKFBZ cushion velvet/white taupe 45x45 / 45x35cm DCKSFBT / DCHKFBT cushion velvet/fur white gold 45x45 / 45x35cm DCKSFBB / DCHKFBB cushion velvet/fur copper 45x45 / 45x35cm DCKSFBK / DCHKFBK velvet copper 45x35 / 45x45cm DCHKFGL / DCKSFGL velvet moss-green 45x35cm DCHKFGR 38 velvet olive green 45x35cm DCHKFBG

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