V2 0,1% BLACK GA • GHA • GLA OK 52,5 5 8 Classe V ASTM 0,94 • 0,62 S54340 15x61 (6”x24”) S54172 Mosaico Lux Grey 30,5x30,5 (12”x12”) S54171 Mosaico Lux Beige 30,5x30,5 (12”x12”) DECORO STAMP MIX 15x61 (6”x24”) DISPONIBILE ANCHE NEI SEGUENTI COLORI ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING COLORS S54165 Capucino Stamp Mix S54169 Honey Stamp Mix S54168 Light Grey Stamp Mix S54170 Brown Stamp Mix 15x61 (6”x24”) Ceramica Rondine 175 S54167 Mud Stamp Mix S54166 White Stamp Mix JUNGLE LA FORESTA DI GRES

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