FIFTY YEARS OF HISTORY, READY TO FACE THE FUTURE 1961 was a year of epoch-making changes, part of a period in history characterised by particular economic, cultural and social élan. Rondine S.p.A. was founded in that fertile 1961, and soon took root in an area between Reggio Emilia and Modena that was experiencing a phase of spectacular entrepreneurial enthusiasm: these were the early years of the famous ceramic district, destined to develop with surprising vigour, and these were the circumstances that accompanied the debut of Rondine S.p.A., today one of the most flourishing industrial groups in the sector. The enthusiasm of the early days has remained unchanged; indeed it has gone from strength to strength, together with the company’s results. These results are giving us the vitality to move on, without ever resting on our laurels. New products, innovative technologies, research and development, quality, design and respect for the environment: these are the values that have guided Rondine through this first half century of history, and that continue to show us the road ahead, both today and tomorrow. LE TAPPE DI UNA CRESCITA THE STAGES OF GROWTH 2006 2010 2013-16 La tecnologia digitale fa il suo ingresso in Rondine Group nel 2006, rivoluzionando la decorazione ceramica e aprendo la strada alla creazione di collezioni sempre più innovative e di alta qualità estetica. Digital technology made its debut in Rondine Group in 2006, revolutionising ceramic decoration and opening the door to the creation of increasingly innovative, attractive, top-quality collections. Sadon, azienda leader nella produzione di battiscopa in gres porcellanato e piastrelle di piccolo formato, entra nel Gruppo nel 2010, segnando un’ulteriore e preziosa svolta nella storia di Rondine Group. Sadon, a leading company in the production of porcelain stoneware skirting and small-size tiles, joined the Group in 2010, marking a further important turning point in the history of Rondine Group. Con oltre 100 collezioni disponibili in una vastissima scelta di linee e formati, oggi Rondine Group vanta anche la più ampia gamma di battiscopa in gres porcellanato. Nel corso del 2015 sono stati realizzati altri importanti investimenti che hanno potenziato i processi produttivi. Sono stati, infatti, installati impianti per produrre Grandi Formati, con taglio e squadratura in linea. Questo rinnovamento tecnologico proseguirà anche per il 2016 con la produzione di ulteriori nuovi formati in modo da offrire prodotti sempre più innovativi e all’avanguardia e soddisfare le esigenze di tutti i consumatori. With over 100 collections available in a huge choice of shapes and sizes, today Rondine Group also boasts the largest range on the market of porcelain stoneware skirtings. 2015 saw new important investments to upgrade the production processes. This was implemented by a new plant for huge size tiles together with a cutting and grinding line. In order to offer innovative, up to date products and satisfy all our customers requests, these investment will be renewed also for 2016, with the production of new sizes and collections. Ceramica Rondine 5

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