AMARCORD PIOMBO COORDINATO CON - COORDINATED WITH AMARCORD sez. LA FORESTA DI GRES 116 R11 J85982 GRIP 60x60 (24”x24”) rett./rect. J85235 60,5x60,5 (24”x24”) J85197 30,5x60,5 (12”x24”) J85974 80x80 (31 1/2”x31 1/2”) rett./rect. J85242 60x60 (24”x24”) rett./rect. J85228 30x60 (12”x24”) rett./rect. J85975 cerato/”waxed” 80x80 (31 1/2”x31 1/2”) rett./rect. J85450 cerato/”waxed” 60x60 (24”x24”) rett./rect. J85458 cerato/”waxed” 30x60 (12”x24”) rett./rect. 428 Catalogo Generale

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