RONDINE IS GREEN The production of quality tiles in respect of the environment is possible. Rondine Group has chosen the path of sustainable development and environmentally compatible industrial production, in the belief that the safeguarding of resources, air, water and the soil are essential conditions for our future. For this reason it has voluntarily decided to organize the monitoring of environmental impacts related to its production process as specified in the directive UNI EN ISO 14001. Our Group is also committed to announcing the actions taken in this regard, through the Environmental Statement issued in accordance with the provisions set by the European EMAS Regulation. Rondine Group’s commitment to sustainable development pensiamo...Aria thinking about Air Il riciclaggio di materiali di scarto riduce del 49% le distanze da percorrere per trasportare le materie prime 6.300.000 km percorsi in meno ogni anno 1.000 tonnellate di CO2 non immesse in atmosfera Occorrerebbero 25.000 alberi su una superficie pari a 20 campi da calcio, per compensare l’immissione di CO2 in atmosfera We reduced by 49% the distances involved in transporting raw materials thanks to our intensive recycling of waste 6.300.000 km less per year 1.000 tonnes of CO2 not released into the atmosphere It would take 25,000 trees over an area of 28 football fields, to compensate for the release of CO2 into the environment pensiamo...Acqua thinking about Water Importanti investimenti in impianti di depurazione e corsi di formazione indirizzati alle risorse umane, hanno ridotto i consumi idrici del 62% rispetto alla media del settore 10.000 m3 di acqua in meno ogni anno pari al consumo di 50 famiglie Major investments in wastewater treatment plants and training courses for employees, reduced water consumption by 62% compared to industry average 10.000 m3 less water consumption per year the same consumption of 50 families pensiamo...Terra thinking about Earth Per la produzione delle nostre piastrelle, i moderni impianti di macinazione generano argille composte per il 50% da scarti di lavorazione provenienti da aziende ceramiche 32.000 m3 di argilla in meno ogni anno pari a tre volte il volume della Torre di Pisa To produce our tiles, modern milling plants generate clays consisting of 50% from scraps from ceramic factories 32.000 m3 of clay less each year equal to 3 times the volume of the Tower of Pisa Ceramica Rondine 7

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