Groeneveld Award 2022 document to Merlin Sheldrake Wim van Gelder (Chairman of the Groeneveld Foundation) I’ve always wondered why biologists often write so well. There are also many writing biologists in the Netherlands, some even belong to our writer elite. In Holland we have an award for the best book on Nature, named after the artist and writer Jan Wolkers, that takes stock yearly of newly published 50-150 books on the subject, nominates six of them and finally award one. To our minds your book would certainly have been a winner if – and that is a big if – it had been a Dutch production. The Wolkers price doesn’t apply for translated books. We felt obliged as the Groeneveld foundation to fill this gap! Merlin, awarding you the Groeneveld price makes you the youngest in a line of an illustrious prize winners. Let me hand you the document and light The Festive Fungal Fireworks.

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