M S L XL 13 BBQ & GRILL 14 CARTE CADEAU œ Tortilla Chips BBQ 450 g œ Patatas Bravas dip 80 g œ Beer Bread Tomato, Basil & Roasted Garlic 500 g œ Smokin’ Hot ‘n Sweet Chili Sauce 125 ml œ Mayonnaise with Olive Oil 180 g œ Texan Steak Rub 100 g 13 Toujours dans un bel emballage ! 15 FOR PIZZA LOVERS œ Pelle à Pizza œ Farina per pizza 500 g œ Pizzolio 250 ml œ Erbe Miste per Pizza 80 g œ Pizza Topping 200 g œ Pomodoro della Mamma 200 g ENJOY THE TASTE OF GIVING!

14 Online Touch Home

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