IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE #OneSTIHLOneTreeOneGoal WIN F ORES T HIDEAWA Y BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING A 2 NIGHT STAY AT FINN LOUGH FOREST HIDEAWAY* msa 120 C-BQ CORDLESS CHAINSAW MSA 220 c-b CORDLESS CHAINSAW BGA 57 CORDLESS BLOWER ONE STIHL. ONE TREE. ONE GOAL. This coming season, we have committed to help support the planting of over 8,000 native broad-leaf trees in Ireland. Learn more on page 11 Pricing within booklet valid from 30.08.2022 - 31.10.2022. Terms & conditions apply. *See page 19 for details AUTUMN / WINTER ‘22 COLLECTION STIHL.ie

HOMEOWNERS PETROL CHAINSAWS MS 170 PETROL CHAINSAW 1.2kw 30.1CC 4.1KG The STIHL MS 170 is a small chainsaw that packs a punch. It is perfect for cutting firewood and for general garden chainsaw tasks. Well suited to domestic users. € 299 BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 12/14" MS 180 PETROL CHAINSAW 1.5kw 4.1KG 1 €389 ERGOSTART 31cc More power and longer bar than the MS 170 for cutting bigger timber. Simple control lever. Anti-vibration system. Low-kickback chain. BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 12/14" MS 181 C-BE PETROL CHAINSAW 1.5KW 31CC 4.6KG 1 An advanced saw for cutting firewood and garden maintenance. Tool-free chain adjustment. Longlife air filter system. Fuel primer. Anti-vibration system. Low-kickback chain. €439 BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 12/14"

FARM OR LAND OWNER PETROL CHAINSAWS MS 211 PETROL CHAINSAW 1.7KW 4.3KG 1 €549 ERGOSTART 35.2CC Powered by a low-emission engine. Features a pre-separation air filtration system, low vibrations, good cutting speed and plenty of power, this chainsaw will get the job done. BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 14/16" MS 231 PETROL CHAINSAW 2KW 42.6CC 4.8KG 1 Powerful domestic saw, ideal for private users or farmers felling small trees, cutting firewood and general landscape maintenance. MS 291 C-BE PETROL CHAINSAW 2.8KW 55.5CC €639 BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 14/16/18" 6.2KG 1 Powerful, robust chainsaw for all-round use. HD2 air filter system. Tool-free caps. Tool free chain adjustment. Fuel primer. €869 BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 18/20" TOP SELLER MS 251 PETROL CHAINSAW 2.2KW 45.6CC 4.8KG 1 Ideal for a variety of applications, from cutting firewood to timber construction. This high torque engine is easy to start and comfortable to use, with a high cutting performance. MS 391 PETROL CHAINSAW 3.3KW 64.1CC €759 BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 16/18" 1. Weight excl. fuel, bar and chain 2. Complete, without fuel www.stihl.ie 3 6.2KG 1 Easy-to-manage, high-torque chainsaw for improved performance and user comfort when harvesting wood or sawing firewood. High torque over a wide range of speeds. € 929 BAR LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 18/20"

M-TRONIC PROFESSIONAL PETROL CHAINSAWS MS 261 C-M PETROL CHAINSAW 3kw 50.2cc 4.9KG 1 Great for working in the construction industry. Features M-Tronic easy starting & 2-MIX low emission engine. €959 AVAILABLE BAR LENGTHS: 15/16/18" M-TRONIC MS 362 C-M PETROL CHAINSAW 3.5kw 59cc 5.6KG 1 Robust and powerful, everyday forestry chainsaw, designed and built for the professional. Features M-Tronic easy starting, HD2 filter, anti-vibration system, combi lever & decompression valve. €1,099 AVAILABLE BAR LENGTHS: 18/20" M-TRONIC MS 400 C-M PETROL CHAINSAW 4kw 66.8cc 5.8KG 1 Designed with professionals in mind. Features 2-MIX low emission engine, M-Tronic easy starting, magnesium piston, HD2 filter, anti-vibration system, combi lever & decompression valve. €1,299 AVAILABLE BAR LENGTHS: 16/18/20"

TOP SELLER MS 500i PETROL CHAINSAW 5kw 79.2cc 6.2KG 1 Powerful chainsaw with electronically controlled fuel injection. Features 2-MIX low emission engine, M-Tronic easy starting, HD2 filter with radial seal, anti-vibration system & decompression valve. €1,599 AVAILABLE BAR LENGTHS: 18” (ES) / 20" (ES) / 25" (ES LIGHT) M-TRONIC MS 201 TC-M PETROL arborist CHAINSAW 35.2cc JOIN OUR SOCIAL COMMUNITY 1.8kw 3.7KG 1 STIHL's most powerful top handled chainsaw. M-Tronic easy starting, STIHL Ematic-System, anti-vibration system, advanced combustion technology, single-lever master control. € 999 AVAILABLE BAR LENGTHS: 12/14" TELESCOPIC extends up to 3.9m HT 135 PETROL POLE pruner 36.3cc 1.4kw 7.9KG 1 Powerful, professional telescopic pole pruner with lightweight magnesium gearbox. Efficiently prune trees or remove dead wood, branches and storm damage. Total length 3.9m (incl. cutting attachment). 1. Weight excl. fuel, bar and chain 2. Complete, without fuel €1,099 RECOMMENDED BAR LENGTH: 30CM/12" Get the full STIHL experience by following our social channels. There you will find information on new products, top tips from experts, competitions and so much more. SCAN THE CODE WITH YOUR PHONE’S CAMERA AND JOIN TODAY.

PETROL BLOWERS & VACUUMS BG 56 PETROL BLOWER 730m3/h 71m/s 27.2cc 4.1KG 2 Powerful hand held leaf blower that quickly clears leaves and grass cuttings. Simple starting. Round nozzle, 2-MIX low emission engine, HD2 air filter, stop button. €349 BG 86 PETROL BLOWER 27.2cc 15n 755m3/h 4.1KG 2 Very powerful hand held leaf blower. Anti-vibration system, 2-MIX engine, HD2 filter, round nozzle, flat nozzle, locking throttle lever with stop button. €449 ERGOSTART SH 86 C-E PETROL BLOWER/VAC 27.2cc 45L 5.6KG 3 Powered by a low emissions engine, this vac/blower will blow you away. STIHL ErgoStart, anti-vibration system, HD2 filter, throttle lock, Integrated shoulder strap for vacuum bag. €519 1. Weight excl. fuel, bar and chain 2. Weight without fuel 3. Weight without fuel in the vacuum operation

TOP SELLER BACKPACK BLOWERS BR 430 PETROL BACKPACK BLOWER 26n 63.3cc >850m3/h 10.2KG 1 Delivers dependable power that professionals need to complete tough jobs. 2-MIX engine, STIHL ElastoStart, anti-vibration system, multi-function control handle, ergonomic harness. €729 BR 600 PETROL BACKPACK BLOWER 32n 64.8cc 1,150m3/h 10.3KG 2 Extremely powerful backpack leaf blower. STIHL 4-MIX® engine, anti-vibration system, multi-function control handle, ergonomic harness with hip belt. €879 BR 700 PETROL backpack BLOWER 35n 64.8cc 1,550m3/h 10.9KG 2 Ultra high-performance professional backpack blower. STIHL 4-MIX® engine, anti-vibration system, multi-function control handle, ergonomic harness with hip belt. € 919 www.stihl.ie 7

cordless products for smaller gardens HSA 26 CORDLESS GARDEN SHEARS set 11V 20CM 1KG 1 As-System Complete a Range of Garden Jobs with ease The compact, easy-to-handle power tools in our new AS-System are perfect for occasional grounds and garden maintenance. The power you need is reliably delivered by a replaceable battery. Cordless garden shears for shrubs and grass. Comfortable, rubberised handle, rapid, tool-free blade change and battery charge-level indicator. Battery life time: up to 110 min €194 gta 26 CORDLESS GARDEN PRUNER set 11V 10CM 1.2KG 2 Cordless garden pruner with a wide range of uses. For pruning trees and shrubs, cutting up garden waste, and building with wood. Battery life time: up to 25 min. € 235 AI LINE INTEGRATED BATTERY TOOLS. With the quick and easy-to-operate power tools in the AI-Line, you will be fantastically well equipped to deal with tasks in your garden. To charge the integrated battery, the power tool simply needs to be connected to a wall socket. Find your local dealer at stihl.ie 1. Weight including battery 2. Weight excl. battery, with bar and chain 8 €172 3. Weight excluding battery EA

cordless products FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE GARDENS AK-System: Conquer ambitious projects You will be impressed by the high power and stamina of the AK-System. Equipped with this flexible range of power tools, you can meet any challenge in your garden. All AK batteries can be easily combined with any type AL charging station and any power tool from the AK-System. 8 MSA 140 C-BQ CORDLESS CHAINSAW set 36V 30CM/12" 2.7KG 2 Delivers excellent cutting performance for up to 45 minutes on a single charge and is ideal for limb removal and storm cleanup. €569 AK30 BATTERY & AL 101 CHARGER INCLUDED MSA 120 C-BQ CORDLESS CHAINSAW set 36V 30CM/12" 2.7KG 2 Cuts up to 190 logs on a single charge. Lightweight, quiet and very easy to use. Tool-free quick chain tensioning. €439 AK20 BATTERY & AL 101 CHARGER INCLUDED total lenght 280cm NEW HTA 50 CORDLESS POLE pruner 36V 280CM 3.6KG 3 Lightweight cordless pole pruner with high cutting performance for tree maintenance work in medium-sized to large gardens. BGA 57 CORDLESS BLOWER set 36v 620m3/h 55m/s 2.3KG 3 €369 AK30 BATTERY & AL 101 CHARGER SOLD SEPERATLEY Perfect for clearing jobs around the garden. Featuring a new design, improved balance and better blowing performance. €349 AK20 BATTERY & AL 101 CHARGER INCLUDED www.stihl.ie 9

TELESCOPIC professional cordless products extends up to 3.9m HTA 86 CORDLESS POLE SAW 36V >41MINS 5.9KG 1 Powerful cordless pole pruner. Quiet and lowvibration. STIHL brushless EC motor, ergonomic control handle, telescopic shaft. Total length 3.9m. €779 BATTERY & CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY BGA 86 CORDLESS BLOWER 36V 780m3/h >140mins 2.8KG TOP SELLER Very powerful, easy to use and comfortable to operate cordless blower. Variable speed control, multi-function handle, high performance EC motor, blower tube with adjustable length. €369 BATTERY & CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY BGA 200 cordless blower 36V 21N 84m/s 3.2KG Powerful cordless blower with high blowing force (21N) and high air speed (84 m/s) for professional clearing jobs. Low noise. It is also very flexible in the way it can be used; handheld when in narrow areas or utilise the new comfort carrying system for larger areas. BGA 100 CORDLESS BLOWER 36V 840m3/h >395mins €539 BATTERY & CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY 1. Weight including battery 2. Weight excl. battery, with bar and chain 2.5KG 3 A professional, hand held blower for gardeners and contractors. STIHL EC electric motor, power boost, highly efficient blower unit. € 509 BATTERY & CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY 3. Weight excluding battery

ONE STIHL ONE TREE ONE GOAL This coming season, we have committed to help support the planting of over 8,000 native broad-leaf trees in Ireland. Through the Woodland Environmental Fund Scheme (WEF) and our forestry partners, Forestry Services Ltd, we are able to facilitate the planting of more native woodland in Ireland. Native woodland plantations increase biodiversity and carbon sequestration which in turn will help combat the climate crisis. This tree planting initiative is funded by Origo Distribution ltd. who are the distributors of STIHL in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The planting of this Native Woodland was also funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine through an establishment grant and 15 annual premium payments.

MSA 220 C-BQ CORDLESS CHAINSAW 36V >37mins 3.6KG 2 The most powerful STIHL cordless chainsaw to date. Provides the highest cutting performance of a cordless saw and allows the machine to be used for professional work. AVAILABLE BAR LENGTHS: 12/14/16" €489 BATTERY & CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY MSA 161 T arborist cORDLESS CHAINSAW 36V >42mins 2.5KG 2 Very lightweight, professional cordless arborist saw for use in noise-sensitive areas. Powerful engine, chain speed & precise cutting. AVAILABLE BAR LENGTHS: 10/12" €479 BATTERY & CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY WE'RE HERE TO HELP Good service means personal service. That’s why you can only get STIHL products from a trained STIHL Authorised Dealer. They can provide you with competent advice, professional servicing and total customer care in all respects. 12

BATTERIES & CHARGERS WORKING TIMES PER BATTERY CHARGE as system The compact, easy-to-handle power tools in our AS System are perfect for occasional grounds and garden maintenance. The power you need is reliably delivered by a replaceable battery. As 2 0.22 kg . 10.8 V . 28 Wh €48 AK SYSTEM The AK System is powered by three 36 V Lithium-Ion batteries, AK 10, AK 20 and AK 30. The high quality cells are aligned in a way so constant power is delivered to the tool over impressive run times. Ak 10 0.8 kg . 36 V . 72 Wh €105 AK 20 1.2 kg . 36 V . 144 Wh €149 AK 30 1.3 kg . 36 V . 180 Wh €199 AP SYSTEM Very powerful Lithium-Ion batteries with charge-level indicator (four LEDs). Available with a range of power capacities and power levels. Backpack Lithium-Ion batteries (AR) with high power capacities for longer working times. Sturdy housing with base and charge-level indicator (six LEDs), these backpack batteries will give you plenty of battery power. Al chargers STIHL batteries can be charged with either the standard AL 101, AL 300 or AL 500 quick charger. Each charger features a different charging capacity (Watt). Al 301-1 1.2 kg . 220-240 V . 6.5 A €140 AL 301-4 4.4 kg . 220-240 V . 6.5 A €490 al 500 1.3 kg . 220-240 V . 12 A €195 AP 200 AP 300 AP 300 s 1.3 kg . 36 V . 187 Wh €195 1.7 kg . 36 V . 227 Wh €259 1.8 kg . 36 V . 281 Wh €269 New AP 500 S 1.8 kg . 36 V . 337 Wh €465 Ar 1000 Ar 2000 L ar 3000 L 4.3 kg . 36 V . 626 Wh €1,103 7.4 kg . 36 V . 1,015 Wh €1,610 9.5 kg . 36 V . 1,520 Wh €2,269 www.stihl.ie 13

chainsaw sharpeners & wedges ROUND FILE PACK OF 2 Aluminium splitting edge Chainsaw Chain Round File 5.2mm. Pack of 2 files. Highly effective splitting action due to twist. Milled groove and retaining teeth for particularly good grip on frozen wood, forged for excellent stability combined with a low weight, round striking surface. wedge & ring Forged, with wood and ring. FLAT FILE Aluminium wedge For precise reworking of the depth gauge. With case for tidy storage. 150mm. With narrow blades for effectively penetrating wood. Serrated edge, milled groove, smooth wedge side for easy positioning of a second wedge in the cut, high-quality aluminium alloy. felling wedge With toothing for an optimum grip on the wood. file holder cleaving hammer File holder and round file for maintaining STIHL saw chain. For cleaving wood. Forged hammer head with reversible tip. Extra large striking surface for safer handling when driving in aluminium and plastic wedges. nylon wedge For felling medium and thick wood. Made from polyamide with a textured surface on both sides for reliable guidance. Impact-resistant even at low temperatures. 2-IN-1 FILE HOLDER Practical tool for quickly sharpening the teeth and depth gauge in a single step. Ideal for occasional users. For 1/4" P, 3/8" P, .325", 3/8" and .404" saw chains, integrated file tolerance compensation. TOP SELLER S260: Particularly light, convenient vice. Easy to drive into wood and fix the guide bar. Includes practical belt bag. L700: Large, heavy duty vice, which can be easily driven into wood. € Ask your dealer for STIHL ACCESSORIES pricing 14 FILING VICEs

OILS & LUBRICANTS hp engine OIL The efficiency and life of STIHL high-performance machines is partly determined by the quality of the engine oil. Only good engine oil can reliably lessen friction and thus reduce wear. STIHL HP mineral-oil based high-performance engine oil is suitable for most air-cooled high-performance two-stroke engines Measures available: 100ml, 1 litre, 1 litre with measure & 10 litres. hp SUPER engine OIL Developed specially for mix-lubricated two-stroke engines in handheld power tools. It combines excellent lubrication with very clean burning. STIHL HP Super is a very good choice if you often run your machine's high-performance engine at full load for extended periods. Measures available: 100ml, 1 litre, 1 litre with measure & 5 litres. hp ULTRA engine OIL STIHL HP Ultra combines excellent lubrication with a very low tendency to carbonizing. Ideal for air-cooled two-stroke and 4-MIX engines with a mix lubrication system. The result is excellent lubrication and excellent protection for your high-performance engine, especially in continuous operation under full load. Measures available in 100ml & 1 litre with measure. € Ask your dealer for STIHL ACCESSORIES pricing www.stihl.ie 15 forest plus CHAIN OIL Based on high-quality mineral oils, ForestPlus is suitable for use with all chainsaws, including harvesters. ForestPlus delivers reliable chain lubrication and no resin build up, even during prolonged down times. synth plus CHAIN OIL Semi synthetic high performance lubricant is made from high grade base oils (refined oils) which prevents resinification during prolonged downtimes. Outstanding protection against wear. combi can twin canister For professional use UN approved, orange. Twin canister for 5 litres of fuel and 3 litres of chain oil. Includes 2 holders for storing tools and accommodating the filling system combi canister spouts For pouring fuel and oil from your combination canister into your tools.

BRAND SHOP TRACK JACKET JACKET s-xl Retro style meets high design: The relaxed style of the STIHL ragan-sleeved track jacket, made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane, with stand-up collar and colour-contrast cuffs, is perfectly complemented with details such as an embroidered »CHAINSAWS« patch on the chest. NEW ORANGE HOODIE s-xl The color orange is considered to be mood-enhancing in psychology. You really can't get in a bad mood when you see the hoodie in the signal color orange. With a large logo on the chest. Also available in kids sizes 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140. NEW "WHITE Logo" / "black Logo" t-shirt s-xl This comfortable top proudly displays a shiny STIHL logo across the chest. Available in either black or white. sign sweatshirt s-xl Light sweatshirt in a standard fit, with wide cuffs and striking orange flocked print on simple black. Distinctive woven label on back. The fleecy material and brushed inside makes this top very comfortable to wear. € Ask your dealer for STIHL brand shop pricing

stihl logo sweatshirt s-xl wood circle sweatshirt s-xl Orange logo on the chest and coordinating stripe offers a striking contrast against the deep black of the rest of the sweater. This grey sweatshirt with STIHL logo on woodgrain showcases trendy URBAN style masterfully combined with natural elements. Wood circle t-shirt s-xl Grey round-neck t-shirt made from pure cotton, featuring a cool wooden structure print and STIHL logo on the chest. logo circle t-shirt s-xl stihl logo t-shirt s-xl Round-neck t-shirt in regular fit and high-quality jersey cotton featuring large 3D logo print in our signature orange. White round-neck t-shirt in high-quality jersey cotton with large logo print in contrasting orange. stihl logo t-shirt s-xl Light grey, with a round and 90% cotton and 10% viscose construction, it features the STIHL lettering in three colours. icon beige women t-shirt s-L new STIHL FLIP FLOPs Loose-fitting basic T-shirt made from a comfortable mix of materials with a round neckline, chainsaw badge on the chest and cork badge on the back. Whether you’re in an outdoor pool, at a campsite or at home, these black and orange STIHL sliders are a must for any STIHL fan! Sizes available UK 8-9, 10-11. 'chainsaw' / 'camouflage' tube scarves Multi-function STIHL tube scarf, with a chainsaw camouflage pattern. Wrapped around the neck, it keeps you warm and doesn’t slip and on your head the tube scarf protects you from the sun. STIHL JACQUES LEMANS CHRONOGRAPH watch The black leather strap with pin buckle gives the sports watch an elegant appearance, as does the solid stainless steel housing. Made by Jacques Lemans. NEW toy blower kids toy The battery powered tool has three different length adjustments for the blower tube, which can also be completely removed. stihl baseball caps chainsaw kids toy Available from your local STIHL dealer. Featuring a revolving rubber chain and chainsaw noise with adjustable volume. Includes batteries. Suitable for children 3 years and over. € toy trimmer kids toy The battery-driven brushcutter is height-adjustable and the handle can also be individually adjusted. Suitable for children age 3 years and older. Ask your dealer for STIHL brand shop pricing www.stihl.ie 17

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT FUNCTION BASIC HELMET NEW ADVANCE X-CLIMB HELMET Lightweight entry-level model with a large nylon visor. Conforms to EN 352, EN 397, and EN 1731. The X-Climb is the first multi-norm helmet from STIHL designed specifically for tree surgeons. Complies with EN 397, EN 12492. DYNAMIC ERGO HELMET Newly designed helmet set for landscaping and gardening use. Complies with EN 352, EN 397, EN 1731. ADVANCE VENT HELMET FUNCTION TROUSERS Vented helmet with slim profile ear protectors for comfort and mobility. Reflective stickers are visible from all angles to aid safe working. duroflex weatherproof jacket Made from waterproof, elastic and durable material. Breathable material that is very comfortable to wear, available in anthracite, black and high-visibility orange. Tested cut protection in accordance with EN 381. ADVANCE X-LIGHT TROUSERS Made from ultra-light, extremely breathable AVERTIC™ pro lite cut protection material (EN 381), developed exclusively for STIHL. function leather chainsaw boot special rubber chainsaw boot High-quality full grain leather, with high grip soles and breathable textile lining. Protection according to EN 17249, class 1 ( 20m/s) and EN 20345 S2. function cut retardant gloves Highly comfortable thanks to leather/textile combination and elastic knitted cuff, cut protection in the back of both gloves. EN Protection Class 0 (equivalent to 16 m /s). SPECIAL rubber chainsaw boots. Rough tread, self-cleaning, non-slip rubber profile soles. BS EN ISO 17249, cut resistance Class 3 (=28 m/s). do you know your size? Scan the QR code to find the perfect fit! € Ask your dealer for STIHL PPE pricing 18

WIN HOW TO ENTER 1 2 3 Scan QR code. Upload photo of receipt and complete online form. #OneSTIHLOneTreeOneGoal Competition valid from 30.08.2022 - 31.10.2022. Terms & conditions apply. Purchase any STIHL item from a local servicing dealer. 2 NIGHT STAY AT FINN LOUGH F ORE S T HIDEA W A Y

ROBOTIC LAWN MOWERS find your local iMOW® dealer at: stihl.ie HERE TO HELP: YOUR STIHL APPROVED DEALER Visit your local STIHL approved dealer. Your STIHL dealer knows exactly which applications a STIHL product is best suited to and will be happy to share valuable tips on using and caring for your tools. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND ADVICE, VISIT Stihl.ie The details in the promotional brochure are current from publication date. Every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in the brochure is correct at the time of print however no responsibility can be accepted for any errors, omissions or alteration to specifications and or prices. All pricing and Offers valid for a limited time only and while stocks last. Origo Distribution Ltd. does not make any representations as to the prices charged by a STIHL Authorised dealer and prices stated are recommended prices only. Due to a policy of continuous development, a STIHL Authorised dealer reserves the right to alter the information stated in this brochure, specifications and prices without further notice. Images are for illustration purposes only. Subject to availability and through participating dealers only. Standard Terms and conditions apply which are available in-store on request.

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