FARM OR LAND OWNER PETROL CHAINSAWS MS 271 PETROL CHAINSAW High performance mid-range option for the demanding landowner. 1 Displacement 50.2 cm3 Power output 2.6 kW /3.5 hp Weight 5.6 kg Bar length 16/18/20” NEW RS PRO ERGOSTART JOIN OUR SOCIAL COMMUNITY Get the full STIHL experience by following our social channels. There you will find information on new products, top tips from experts, competitions and so much more. SCAN THE CODE WITH YOUR PHONE’S CAMERA AND JOIN TODAY. MS 291 C-BE PETROL CHAINSAW Displacement 55.5 cm3 Weight Power output TOP SELLER 2.8 kW /3.8 hp Farm saw with Chain Quick Tensioning and STIHL ErgoStart (E). 1 6.2 kg Bar length 18/20” DISCOVER MORE MS 391 PETROL CHAINSAW Displacement 64.1 cm3 Power output 3.3 kW /4.5 hp 1. Weight excl. fuel, bar & chain Top of the range, high torque farmer chainsaw. Weight 6.2 kg 1 Bar length 18/20”

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