garden shredders For chipping and shredding hard and soft material. Powerful electric motors and petrol engines. Efficient chipper blades and shredding systems. GHE 150 ELECTRIC CHIPPER GHE 250 s ELECTRIC CHIPPER 230V . 2.0kW . >35mm Compact high performance electric shredder. Operates with minimal vibrations een when shredding br diameter o 230V . 2.0kW . >35mm Powerful electric chipper-shredder for medium-sized br & hard hedge cuttings up to 35 mm. GH 370 s petrol SHREDDER 42 kg . 3.4kW . >45mm Powerful petrol chipper for processing hard and some soft waste up to diameter of 45 mm. I large plots o for gar power supply €505 €595 €1,629 www.stihl.ie 17

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