RMA 448 VC cordless mOWER set 25-75 mm . 55 L . 24 kg Foldable handlebar For easy storage. Vario selfdrive Adapt speed of mower. Powerful cordless lawn mower with a large cutting width and with variable speed drive. Offers great freedom when caring for medium-sized gardens. Carrying handles for ease of transport, polymer housing and a grass catcher box with a level indicator that signals the correct time for emptying. Polymer housing Extremely lightweight polymer housing NOW WAS €1,104 €1,049 €55 SAVE Includes AP 300 S battery & AL 301 charger CORDLESS LAWNMOWERS Is the cable on your lawnmower holding you back? Are you limited by a cord and finding it hard to reach certain areas of your garden? STIHL has the answer. Our STIHL Cordless Range of Lawnmowers make moving freely around your garden really easy and have excellent manoeuvrability

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