metal cutting blades IMAGE trimmer heads, blades & attachments Part number 40017133805 40017133801 40007133801 41127134100 41197134100 cutting heads IMAGE Having the proper tool for the job can make all the difference, and STIHL has a cutting head or blade appropriate for even the most challenging landscaping job. Metal, plastic, commercial, and quiet, your Authorized STIHL Dealer can explain the many options available and help you find the right replacement head, blade and line for your STIHL trimmer, brushcutter or clearing saw. Description Grass cutting blade 230mm2Blade Grass cutting blade 230mm4Blade Grass cutting blade 230mm4Blade Brush knife 250mm-3Blade Brush knife 300mm-3Blade Part number 40027102152 40037102104 40087102100 40027102108 40097102106 40067102126 40027102169 40027102170 40037102115 40087102102 40097102104 Description Trimcut 31-2 Trimcut 41-2 Mowing Head Autocut 2-2 (1.6mm) Mowing head AutoCut C 25-2 Mowing Head Autocut C3-2 2.0mmNew (fsa57) Mowing head AutoCut C 6-2 Mowing head AutoCut C 26-2 Mowing head AutoCut 36-2 Mowing head AutoCut 46-2 Mowing head PolyCut 2-2 (1.6mm Fsa45) Mowing head PolyCut 3-2 new (1.6mm Fsa45/Fsa57) KM ATTACHMENTS IMAGE Part number 42437405003 42437405000 41822000160 41802000474 41807405006 Description HL-KM - 145 degree - Hedge trimmer attachment HL-KM - 0 degree - Hedge trimmer attachment HT-KM - Pole pruner attachment FS-KM - Nylon head attachment RG-KM - Rotary cutting head attachment

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