HEDGE TRIMMERS Powerful, lightweight tools that deliver superb performance. Ideal for large properties or park / landscape maintenance. Delivers the perfect cut for thick hedges and ornamental trees. ERGOSTART HS 56 C-E HS 82 T petrol hedge trimmer 21.4 cm3 . 0.65 kW/0.9 HP . 4.5 kg The perfect tool for trimming thicker hedges in and around the property or estate. Bar length: 60cm petrol hedge trimmer 22.7 cm3 . 0.7 kW/1.0 HP . 4.9 kg High speed hedge trimmer for a precise cut. STIHL 2-MIX engine and anti-vibration system. Bar length: 60cm HS 82 R petrol hedge trimmer 22.7 cm3 . 0.7 kW/1.0 HP . 5.4 kg Professional tool with lower blade speed for more powerful cutting. Double sided cutting blades in pruning version. Bar length: 60cm €780 €829 €829 www.stihl.ie 7

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