u n. n. n. 2. THE LILY MILL (MOLEN DE LELIE) A corn mill with a base from 1804. The mill always served as a corn mill and bark De Lelie also ground bones for the production of glue. In 1937 the mill burned d due to an overheated oil engine. The remainder of the hull was set up as a mecha mill. On 25 September 1998 the rebuilt mill was offi cially reopened. In De Lelie gra now milled on a voluntary basis. The mill can be visited on Wednesday and Saturday between 12 and 4 PM. When t is enough wind, the mill is of course in full operation. Then the shop is also open you can enjoy a delicious pancake from homemade fl our. Geerkade 45, 06-15526452, www.korenmolendelelie.nl. DUTCH GLORY IN ETTEN-LEUR THE BISHOP’S MILL (DE BISSCHOPSMOLEN) The Bishop’s Mill is a scaffolding mill, which had the function of a corn mill until 1959. The Bishop’s mill was built in 1744 for the bishop of Antwerp. Between 1561 and 1795 Etten-Leur fell under the diocese of Antwerp. Because of the mill, the bishop had a steady source of income. In 1959 the municipality of Etten and Leur became the owner of the mill. After a number of restorations the mill is still milling; on 1 December 2006 grain was milled again. As soon as the blue pennant waves on the mill, everyone is welcome. Usually this is on Friday afternoon in the even weeks and on Saturday in the odd weeks. Then there are guided tours, visitors are allowed to help and children are allowed to turn on the mill after a guided tour and short explanations. Bisschopsmolenstraat 235, tonagterbos@gmail.com, www.westbrabantsemolens.nl 37 THE ZWARTENBERGS MILL (Zwartenbergse molen) This polder mill from 1889 is beautifully situated near the water in Etten-Leur N It is owned by the Brabantse Delta Water Board. Its predecessor (from 1721) wa struck by lightning in 1888 and burnt completely. The mill drains the surroundin polder, nowadays on a voluntary basis. The water board restored the mill compl in 2006/2007, both inside and outside. The black mill can usually be visited every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Zevenbergseweg 23, 076-5017525, www.westbrabantsemolens.nl

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