Programme August edition • A Human Rights Perspective on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity • Alternative Walks of the Talk? Designing Diversity Trainings • An Introduction to Visualisation and Modelling of Spatial Data (in R) • Analyzing Neural Time Series Data • Analyzing Sign Language Data • Brexit:The Legal and Constitutional Implication for the UK and EU • Chemometrics: Introduction to Advanced Data Analysis. • Citizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges • Current Issues in Environmental Science • Discover the Netherlands: Field Trips to Amsterdam, Utrecht & Nijmegen • English Boost Camp Workshops • EU International Succession Law • European Banking: Strategic and Regulatory Issues • Excellence Beyond Borders: Breaking Down Barriers in Gifted Education • Existential Questions Regarding Life Issues: An Intercultural and Integrated Approach • Experiments in Behavioral Economics: Methodology and Applications • How Health Systems Work • Introduction to Design Thinking and Service Design • Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) • Lecturing in the International Classroom • Linear Algebra for Neuroscientists • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour: An Applied Learning Experience • Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions and their Applications (OPSFA) • Perfecting your Academic Writing Skills • Personalized Medicine 101 • Philosophical Lessons from and for The 'Post-Truth Era' • Practical Mixed Effect Regression Modelling for Psychology and Language Science • Private International Law within the European Union: Contractual and Non-Contractual Obligations • Quantitative Data Analysis with R • Quantum in the Summer: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Quantum Technologies • Sign Language Documentation • Sometimes Crime IS the Rational Choice “It has completely inspired me to think further and has given me confidence for my research. The variety in different backgrounds, fields of research and interests of the participants made the experience even more worthwhile!” Marina (Ukraine) Free Radboud Bike for the first 100 arrivals!

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