MALE/FEMALE DISTRIBUTION AVERAGE AGE 296 employees 131 44.26% 165 55.74% 47 43.8 41.3 SICKNESS ABSENTEEISM Long 2020 2019 2018 3.66% 3.02% 2.61% 2.28% 1.66% 0.82% Moderate 0.76% 0.00% 0.01% Short 0.62% 0.91% 0.96% VITALITY Fit and healthy employees are crucial to success. Vitality not only results in lower absenteeism but also enhances creativity, loyalty and teamwork. Since the health of a person dictates their vitality and sustained employability, we help our employees stay healthy in a number of ways. In 2020, we had a slightly different approach to this than in previous years. In addition to the existing support for physical and mental health, we focused on safe working from home by facilitating workstation equipment to work remotely in a responsible way. Free online fitness was made available and we also helped prevent stress caused by working from home while looking after children who were unable to attend school.

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