THE DREAM FOR 2030 Our sustainable dream It has been an exceptional year and our mission of sustainable growth now seems more urgent than ever. After all, sustainable operations make for a resilient business, which is essential for a future-proof economy. We have therefore further strengthened our sustainability ambitions for the next 10 years. Our dream for 2030 • To sell twice as many plants as in 2020: from 125 million to 250 million. • ‘Positive plants’: the plants we supply make a positive contribution to the environment. • All employees throughout the entire supply chain are proud to be part of this. In the past year, along with our colleagues, suppliers, customers, NGOs, the government, competitors and other sector partners, we have taken steps towards achieving this dream. Unfortunately, the pandemic slightly delayed the implementation of sustainability in the supply chain. The highlights of 2020 • Royal Lemkes was once again energy neutral. • The Royal Lemkes fleet became 35 per cent electric and has an electriconly policy. • 91 per cent of our products were certified according to the FSI Basket of Standards. • 50 growers calculated their individual footprints. • A baseline measurement was performed on plastic trays and three pilots will start soon to drastically reduce the use of plastic. • A hybrid edition of Sustainable Thursday took place. 40

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