Sustainable Thursday This year, we organised a special edition of Sustainable Thursday with 25 executives from our sector and a livestream online audience. Politician and writer Jan Terlouw provided a bird's eye view of the history of humankind and showed us how we can create a more sustainable and fairer future. Director of MVO Nederland Maria van der Heijden and Wiebe Draijer, chairman of the board at Rabobank, also provided insight and inspiration. The speakers encouraged everyone to think about how a future-proof sector can be achieved by working together. And not forgetting the younger generation, a special chair was set up where we could imagine our (future) grandchildren sitting. Inspired by Nelson Mandela and John Lennon, our CEO, Michiel de Haan, concluded with a vision for the sector in 2030: Imagine. Together we can. Ex-politician and writer Jan Terlouw. Maria van der Heijden, director of MVO Nederland. 42

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