Sustainable Development Goals The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help us give substance to our mission of sustainable growth. The UN has drawn up 17 SDGs to tackle the world's most pressing problems, such as hunger, inequality, biodiversity loss and climate change. At Royal Lemkes, we focus on the SDGs that will allow us to make the biggest impact. SUSTAINABILITY THEME 1 Climate Our contribution to SDG 13 In 2020, our own operations were once again energy neutral. The CO₂ emissions from gas and electricity, the fleet, business travel and (from 2021 onwards) our packaging materials, which we have not yet been able to reduce, are compensated through the FairClimateFund. This fund finances and implements climate projects. Making the supply chain sustainable is only possible if parties in the chain cooperate and take responsibility together. Mapping out the climate impact of our products provides insight into reduction opportunities. Along with IKEA, we therefore encouraged 50 growers to have their individual production footprints calculated as part of the ‘Greener Plants’ project. In 2021, we will expand our collaboration and work with these 50 growers to further reduce our impact to help us achieve our goal of ‘positive plants’ by 2030. We will also encourage a new group of growers to calculate their footprint. • Since 1 January 2020, new lease vehicles are electric-only and the fleet is now 35 per cent electric: 24 electric cars and 64 conventional cars. • 10 employees have a lease bike. 44

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