SUSTAINABILITY THEME 4 Working conditions in the supply chain Our contribution to SDGs 1 and 8 Within the framework of the International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreement that we signed in July 2019, Royal Lemkes actively participated in several working groups. The groups are developing plans of action for the following themes: the living wage, impact of crop protection agents, climate change and due diligence (throughout the entire operation). The IRBC Agreement will run for three years in close cooperation with FSI to ensure continuity and assurance in structuring the actions. SUSTAINABILITY THEME 5 Society Our contribution to SDGs 3, 6 and 9 We donate our used IT equipment to Stichting Leergeld. This foundation helps prevent the social isolation of children living in poverty. In 2020, we provided two pallet boxes of useful equipment. We also donate plants to care homes and collaborate with DSW, a social enterprise. Through the Royal Lemkes Foundation, we financially supported various projects, such as the Plastic Soup Foundation, Stichting Waterpas and Stichting Daad en Woord.

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