ADDITIONAL SERVICES Data & Digital ERP replacement: Green Sales becomes GS Next In 2020, we started replacing our renowned Green Sales ERP package. We have opted for a low-code solution based on the OutSystems platform. Motion10, our knowledge partner, is helping us to develop this modern business application. The implementation is a very important strategic project and has an expected lead time of three to four years. In 2020, we put the basic architecture in place and delivered the first module, LM Next, which we use to manage our logistics resources. Online stores In 2020, our online customer stores were further developed. Almost every customer now uses an online store that contains all available products, including specifications. These stores are mainly aimed at simplifying the ordering and delivery process as much as possible. Replenishment can also be easily integrated into the online store. Apps We introduced several apps in 2020. The first business functions have already been delivered as apps, including dock planning for shipping and an app based on artificial intelligence for quality control. 64

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