Huib uses the Lowpads as an example: “Automating the process of manoeuvring Danish trolleys using Lowpads has led to performance stability and will create continuity for our retail partners in the long term.” Watch the video about robotisation. Data, forecasting and artificial intelligence Reliable forecasting makes our processes more efficient. But seasonal peaks and external factors such as the weather make it difficult for the horticulture sector to make truly accurate forecasts. However, business intelligence provides the solution, especially when combined with artificial intelligence. Leon Verschoor Director Digital & Operations Royal Lemkes has a lot of historical information at its disposal, but translating this huge amount of valuable data to create useful business insights is a genuine skill. Fortunately, our business intelligence platform, Diver, does this for us by providing Watch the video here to find out how our business intelligence services support Jumbo. buyers, account managers, suppliers and customers with informative reports. Because available information is recorded in a single system, we can assess performance data across the entire chain. This allows both ourselves and our partners to gain crucial insights into areas where we can improve efficiency. By working together, we continue to successfully strive for sustainable growth.

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