Scan to see our dream. Data-driven retail management is therefore an essential ingredient for success. Not only do you obtain insight into both product and category performance, but this approach also shines a light on where improvements can be made. ‘Positive plants’ We are currently in talks with our supply chain partners to drive forward and implement our 'positive plants' ambition for 2030. Elise clarifies: "These are plants that will contribute to a healthier planet and a better life for all." In 2022, Royal Lemkes and a number of customers set out their sustainability goals in a combined roadmap. If we can steer our retail partners in the same direction, our joint impact will be even greater. We are trying to make our world greener step by step, enabling our growers to produce the plants of the future. Alice continues: "Mutual long-term commitment between Royal Lemkes and our retailers and growers is vital if we are to keep making strides in the right direction. We monitor all relevant value components at our growers to ensure we meet current and future retail requirements. Elise Wieringa Sustainability Manager Royal Lemkes plays a key role in bringing supply chain partners together, encouraging close collab - o ration and inspiring and motivating everyone to continue developing in terms of sustainable growth." We are acutely aware that innovation is at the heart of horticulture. The sector can provide many examples of sustainable innovation, but this is not common knowledge. We need to spread the word to improve our image. And we must remember that there is no competition when it comes to sustainability. The future belongs to us all!

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